Download Google Camera 7.4 for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Plus) [for Snapdragon Variant – Updated]

Samsung has recently launched the latest generation of the famous Galaxy Note devices in the form of Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. For many years, the Note is one of the favorite smartphones for the users who love the big phone with big features, like the cameras, S-Pen, display, and a few other things. The Camera is one of the main highlights of the Note 10 Plus, though It has the same camera setup that we’ve seen in the Galaxy S10 5G variant. But still, It captures some great photos because of software implementations. And luckily, we found the Pixel 3 Camera app which works fine with every feature. Here you can Download Google Camera 7.4 for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus for the Snapdragon variant.

Before diving into the download part, take a look at the Note 10 Plus camera. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus dons a quad-camera setup on the back. It has a 12MP primary lens which has a variable aperture of f/1.5-2.0, 1.4-micron pixel size, dual-pixel PDAF, OIS with other few features. Other than the primary lens, It comes with a 12MP telephoto, 16MP ultrawide lens, and a TOF 3D (time-of-flight) camera. While on the front, It has a 10MP selfie shooter with an f/2.2 aperture, 1.22-micron pixel size, and more. It’s the same camera which comes with the S10 5G variant, but the AI (artificial intelligence) and the software implementations on Note 10 series camera help to capture better shots.

The default camera app packs with a lot of useful features, but still the Google Camera is best for the Night Sight mode and for other modes as well. The GCam works fine on the Snapdragon variants of the Galaxy Note 10 & 10 Plus. There are a lot of Google Camera ports available on the web, but not all are supported. You can also test the Google Camera 7.0 from Pixel 4, which works on the Qualcomm devices. But, thanks to Arnova8G2 who have ported the Googe Camera mod. And Here’s the step by step guide on how to Download & Install Google Camera 6.2 for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Before Downloading the GCam Mod 6.1 or 6.2, Check our Detailed Guide on Google Camera with its Features & Use

Download Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Plus)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is available in two different variants the Snapdragon and the Exynos. And the Camera2 API is available on both the variants, which means we can install the GCam on the smartphone. The GCam port is available for the Snapdragon variant. So, If you want to capture some blazing photos in the night and day. The latest GCam Port by Arnova8G2 works fine with the One UI 2.5 Updated Galaxy devices. Download the Google Camera 6.2 for your Galaxy Note 10. Here:

Note: Before installing this port, make sure to delete the old Google Camera app, if you’ve installed any.

After installing the GCam, you need to configure some settings for the best results. Here we list the settings, that you’ve to apply on your smartphone.

Recommended Settings:

  1. At first, you need to download the config file – GCam 6.2 & GCam 7.4.
  2. Once downloaded, you can extract it using ES file explorer on the root storage.
  3. Then, copy the config (S10csMar2.xml) file in /Internal Storage/GCam/Configs/ (folder).
  4. Open Google Camera and double tap on the black blank area placed next to the shutter button.
  5. Tap on the settings shown (with S10csMar2.xml), available in the popup & press the restore button.
  6. Go back to the app drawer and then open the app again.

Note: If the App still not works after restoring the settings, you can go to the System Settings > Apps > Google Camera > Force Stop & open the app again.


Google Camera APK

Google Camera APK

How to Install Google Camera on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus

  1. First, download the GCam Mod from the above link.
  2. Once downloaded, Install the Google Camera apk on your Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.Google Camera APK
  3. Open the app & grant the needed permissions like Camera, Microphone, Storage, and Location.
  4. That’s it.

So, start capturing the realistic & amazing pictures with your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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Still any questions in mind? Let’s take a dig at the FAQ!

What is Google Camera?

Google Camera is a mobile application, which helps you in capturing amazing pictures directly from your smartphone. This is only possible with some software implementations, which uses Artificial Intelligence to make pictures more realistic.

How do I Install GCam on Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

At first, Download the Google Camera app. Then, Install it on your smartphone. Now, Open the app and apply the recommended settings. That’s it.

Is Camera2 API is enabled on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

Yes, the Camera2 API is enabled on both the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus for both Snapdragon variant and Exynos.

Which is the best compatible GCam for Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

The Google Camera 6.2 mod ports work fine on the Note 10 & 10 Plus after applying the configuration settings.

If you’ve any query, drop a comment down in the comment box. Also, share this article with your friends.

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  1. Did you actually do these steps that you listed above? In the provided APK, double tapping to import config does nothing. No config menu ever pops up.

    • Hi Sutton,

      Yes, we’ve tested this on our end. After opening the Google Camera app, double-tap on the black space around the shutter button. If you’re still facing any errors then let me know.

        • Hi Selva,

          Please paste the configuration file in /Internal Storage/GCam/Configs/ (folder). Then force stop the Google Camera app. Now, open the app and then double-tap on the black blank around the shutter button. It will then open a popup when you can tap on the restore button to restore the configurations. That’s it.

          • Haneet, thanks for your response. I tried it but still no pop up. My camera is working fine without importing it. But, I am not sure any functionality I am missing because of it. Only difference I see in my file manger is the “/Internal Storage/” folder name. It has small case on storage “/Internal storage/”

  2. Hi. I’ve got a Note 10+ and I’ve installed the GCam. When opening the app, it crashes everytime. Do you know why it may do that? Thanks


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