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Fix “Google Play Services has Stopped” Error without Losing the Data

Is your Android phone shows an error Google Play Services has Stopped? If might be more than just a wooden stick. These simple tricks will help you fix google play services has unfortunately stopped.

If your device is affected too, and you’re worried about losing the data then, we have some good news for you. Finally, You can wipe this problem out of your device, because the solutions are quite simple and easy for you.Google Play Services has Stopped

Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped – What is it?

If you think, why the Google Play Services stopped working on other apps? This is due to: the app provides the background services of proprietary, It simply integrated with different apps and help to sync the data in the background, with apps like Play Games, Google+ (Auth), Maps, YouTube, & other apps. When the phone may have the problems like a slow internet connection or no internet it may occur. One of the other reason is, If the Google Play Services App may not be updated for a long time.

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This problem is faced by the users on Android Lollipop & Oreo in the last few months. This is due to the time to time updates or maybe the synchronization. There are various solutions available on the web, but most of them end to one of the very annoying suggestions, “Hard Reset“. We have found the best solutions to solve this error without the need of losing the data. Mostly, this issue is occurring on the phones which are running on custom ROMs like Lineage OS, CM, AOSP, and other. With, the devices like OnePlus, Nexus 5X & 6P, Chrome OS, Nox Player, LG G4, and maybe on every single phone.

Ways to Fix Google Play Services has Stopped

Well, one thing you may still not know about the issue is; there is no official solution provided by the Google. While the members on XDA perform some tweaks on the Android Phones to solve out this issue & works fine for the users. We have also working on this problem from last 2-3 days and finally able to solve out the problem.

The solution will work on every phone, custom ROM, Chrome OS, Android Emulators, and rooted phones. Make sure to follow the solutions step by step:

Solution 1 – Clear Cache of Google Play Services

Cache is one of the kind things we all negligence the cache memory most of the time. The, unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped error comes sometimes due to cache problem. Because sometimes, Cache memory stores the unrequired things & this may create the issue & the solution works for the Team YTECHB! Here are the steps:

  • Go to the Device Settings > Apps.
  • Under All Apps, Find Google Play Services & Google Play Services.
  • Open Google Play Services > Storage > Clear Cache.
  • Open Google Play Store > Storage > Clear Cache.
  • Now, Force stops both the apps.
  • Reboot your device & Start using the apps again.

Solution 2 – Clear Data of GPServices & Play Store

As we know the problem is Google Play Services, So we need to tweak out & experimenting the things on it. One of the best & Simple solution without deleting or losing the data or documents is clear data. The framework will start working fine after clear data of Google Play Services & Google Play Store. This method works for us! Here are the steps:

  • Go to Device Settings > Apps.
  • Under All Apps, Find Google Play Services & Google Play Store.
  • Open the Google Play Services & Play Store > Storage > Clear Data.
  • Now, Force Stop both the apps.
  • Restart your Android Device. Try the app now.

Solution 3 – Reboot Your Device into Safe Mode

If the Solution 1 & 2 are not working on your phone, you need to do the same thing in Safe Mode. Sometimes, Google may not allow you to tweak the framework settings like Google Play Services & Play Store. Then, one of the best ways is to Reboot the device into Safe Mode.

  • Press & Hold the Power button.
  • Once the popup comes, Tap & hold the Power Off button for 1-2 seconds.
  • Another popup of Reboot to Safe Mode comes, tap on Ok.
  • This will reboot your phone into safe mode.
  • Now Follow, the Solution 1 & Solution 2 methods accordingly.

Solution 4 – Clear Google Services Framework Cache

Google Services Framework is one the thing working with GPServices. As we know the Services are running in the background with the different apps. The unknown or unwanted things may be stored in the Google Services Framework & this may unfortunately stop Google Play Services.

  • Go to Device Settings > Apps.
  • Under All Apps, Find the Google Services Framework.
  • Open the Google Services Framework > Storage > Clear Cache.
  • Now, Force Stop both the apps.
  • Restart your Android Device.

Solution 5 – Update Google Play Services App

As I said earlier the Google Play Services has Stopped issue comes due to the older version of the app. So, You may need to update the GPServices app to the latest version and this may solve the issue. Because the updates are not stable for all device sometimes & that’s why the issue may occur. Updating Google Play Services is one of the tough tasks because you can’t directly find GPServices on Play Store & update it. The surprise will help you to update the app directly.

Click on the below GPServices icon & update directly from Play Store. [appbox googleplay com.google.android.gms]

Solution 6 – Check the Internet Connection

You need a stable internet connection on your phone, if it is working fine on your phone, then Google Play Services works. It creates a problem only when the app updating is on the way. so, restart your device & connect the device to the WiFi or stable 3G/4G connection.

Solution 7 – Uninstall Google Play Services for Instant Apps

GPServices for Instant Apps being installed in the background and if not installed correctly. This may create a problem for the user. It will show you an error “Google Play Service has Stopped”. For solving this issue, Just Uninstall the Google Play Services for Instant Apps. It will again install on your phone correctly when you are connecting with a strong internet connection.Google Play Services has Stopped

Solution 8 – Issues with Custom ROMs

The stable custom ROMs are working fine, but most of the custom ROMs are having some issue. Like the stability about GApps, GPServices & many more. So, make sure to check the custom ROM with no bugs & install the rom accordingly on your phone.

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Applying the steps & Reboot the phone will solve the Google Play Services has stopped issue in 2018. For any help, leave a comment below. Share this article on social media with your friends.

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