Fix ‘Your Device isn’t Compatible with this Version’ on Android Play Store

You are probably here because you are facing an error in Play Store “Your Device isn’t Compatible with this Version“. And if you are looking for the solution then you are at right place. Here you will find the best methods to fix the error.

Play Store is the only trusted source to directly install Apps that a user want. And so we need to fix this error on Play Store. This is a common error so you don’t need to take it more seriously. It can be solved in few steps.

By the help of these 5 Actionable steps, you can solve the “Your Device isn’t compatible with this version problem“, instantly. So, What are your waiting for, just Scroll down and read the steps carefully.

Why “Your Device isn’t Compatible with this Version” error appears on Play Store?

This error pops up because of both hardware and software issues including Play Store App issue.

Your Device isn't Compatible with this Version

Here Software issues refer that the Android version you are using does not meet the requirement of the App. So, in this case, you may face this error. For Example, if you are using a Smartphone with Android lollipop but you are installing an App that requires Android Marshmallow or other successor versions. Also sometimes the Play Store version you are using can be the reason for the error.

Hardware issues are like the processor requirement of the App is different than the phone you are using. This refers to the compatibility issue. Let’s take an example of Google Camera which is made by google for only Pixel and Nexus phones. So if you will try to install it will give the same error.

Fix Your Device isn’t Compatible with this Version on Play Store

As you are well aware of the fact that there can be many causes for this error. So we are going to provide almost every available solution that can help you.

1) Update Google Play Store

This is the first step you should follow to fix the error. Check that if you have the latest version of Play Store. If not Update it and then try to install the App. This cause is very rare, but what if it can be in our cases. So we need to update the Play Store first. Mostly Play Store automatically updated when your phone is connected to  WiFi.

Your Device isn't Compatible with this Version

How to Update Play Store

  1. Launch Play Store App on your Android Phone.
  2. Then Tap on three bars from the left side in the search bar.
  3. A side menu will open, now go to settings.
  4. Scroll below and tap on Play Store Version.
  5. It will ask to Update the Google Play Store is available and if not it will say Google Play Store is up to date.
  6. After update see if this fix the error.

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2) Clear Play Store Cache

Clearing cache from Play Store may be the right solution for you if above method didn’t work.

Your Device isn't Compatible with this Version

How to Clear Cache from Play Store

  1. Go to settings on your Phone.
  2. Now go to “Installed Apps” or “Application Manager“. This option can vary according to the device (See shortcut method in quotes below).
  3. Now scroll down and search for Play Store and then open it.
  4. It will lead you to Play Store setting options. From there tap on Clear Cache.
  5. Open Play Store again and check that error is fixed or not.

You can also touch and hold the Play Store icon and drag it into info option. It will directly open Play Store system setting options.

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3) Update Google Play Services

Google Play services are the backbone of Play Store and Google Play Games. Both of these depends on Google Play Services. So you must have latest Google Play services. It is an API which runs on background and helps GAPPS work properly.

Your Device isn't Compatible with this Version


How to Update Google Play Services

  1. Open Google App. It may not be visible in the App list so you need to search google on App search bar.
  2. There search for Google Play Services.
  3. Now the first result you will see Google Play Services with its icon.
  4. Click on it and open with Play Store.
  5. If you are using the older version of Google Play services then it will give Update option. Click on Update.
  6. If you have already the latest version of Google Play services then it will only show Deactivate option.

Now close all application and launch Play Store and check if the error “Your Device isn’t Compatible with this Version” is fixed or not.

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4) Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

Now you are thinking that we have advised you to update Google Play Store then why uninstalling its update. So if the update method didn’t work then only you need to follow this method. Sometimes this method is also effective.

Your Device isn't Compatible with this Version


How to Uninstall Google Play Store updates

  1. Go to the settings as mentioned in method 2.
  2. Then instead of clear cache click on uninstall updates.
  3. This will restore the previous version of Google Play Store.
  4. Now open play store and check the error has fixed or not.

5) Using Market helper Tool

If your phone does not match the hardware and software requirement of the App you want to install, then this is the method you should follow. Market Helper Tool manipulates the Play Store so that Play Store examine that you are using the other phone.

This method will work with Phones having Root Permission.

Your Device isn't Compatible with this Version

How to use Market Helper Tool

  1. Download Market Helper Tool APK and install it.
  2. Now open the Tool and some option will appear.
  3. Fill the Device type and device model as any latest device available on Drop Down list.
  4. Fill the other options too and click on Activate.
  5. It will take some time and the “Activated successfully” Message will appear.
  6. Now launch the Play Store and install any App you want.
These are the best actionable methods to fix Your Device isn’t Compatible with this Version error. If you still facing the same error then try to reach out to us through facebook we will try to help you out. Try the above method first if your phone matches the hardware and software requirement asked by the app you want to install. Otherwise, follow the last method.
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