ESPN Spectrum Blackout: Where To Stream ESPN Sports Events Now?

Sports is a great way to entertain yourself and the best way that you can enjoy all of it is via the best sports channel out there, ESPN. However, things have gone a bit gloomy for a lot of sports fans subscribed to Spectrum cable when ESPN channels suddenly blacked out. The sudden blackout arose because of a dispute between Disney and Charter’s Spectrum Cable TV network.

As we all know in order to stream Disney and other channels like ESPN, you are required to pay a certain monthly fee. These fees are paid up by the users as well as cable TV network, Spectrum. Now Disney has also stated that Charter demands to get these services for free, but Disney refuses such an agreement. On the other hand, Charter’s Spectrum says that Disney itself is responsible for creating a video streaming platform, increasing plan prices as well, and getting a lot of content removed from cable to TV.

Looking at this dispute, it only makes you think about whether streaming services are beneficial or not. With a lot of sports events going on and additional events scheduled next week. With how ESPN is now blacked out, there are a good number of options that you can choose if you are still interested in watching your favorite sports events on ESPN. Here is a list of various ways you can choose to watch your favorite ESPN sports events.

  • DirecTV Stream (Multiple packs)
  • ESPN+ (Doesn’t show ESPN’s traditional TV content, $9.99/month)
  • Fubo TV (Free Trial and $74.99/month)
  • Hulu+ Live TV ($69.99/month)
  • Sling TV ($20 for first month)
  • YouTube TV (Free Trial and $72.99/month)

Until the two cookies sort out their disputes and come to a sensible agreement that is not only for both companies but also for the audience and viewers of these channels on Spectrum cable, the alternative sources are the best way to enjoy your sports events for now.

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