Can you Block Ads on Roku? Here’s the Answer

When it comes to streaming services, Roku is a popular streaming service. This is the go-to choice of streaming services for users who have recently cut the cable network cord. There are a wide variety of Roku streaming devices such as the Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, Roku Streambar, and Roku Ultra as well as many smart TVs that run on RokuOS.

While all of this is great, considering you get access to a large number of free and paid channels, there’s one thing that seems to be annoying many people. Advertisements on any service or app can annoy people a lot. A lot of users of the Roku service have been looking for ways they can follow to get rid of advertisements at least to an extent. While it’s impossible to live in a world without advertisements, there are ways you can follow to at least reduce the number of advertisements that you see on your Roku device.

Read on to know more about if you can install ad-blockers on your Roku device.

Can I Block Ads on Roku?

The answer to this widely asked question is NO! Unfortunately, you cannot install ad-blockers on a Roku device simply because there is no dedicated app or RokuOS devices However, this doesn’t mean you cannot reduce the number of advertisements being displayed on your Roku devices.

We have mentioned a few ways that you can follow to reduce the number of ads on your RokuOS device.

Limit Ads on Roku Device

As a Roku Device owner, you have a single option that helps you to reduce the number of ads, repetitive ads or ads that are served to you based on the content you stream or watch. Here are the steps to enable it.

can you block ads on roku
  1. Launch the Settings menu on your Roku device.
  2. With the Settings menu open, select the Privacy option.
  3. Select the Advertising option and choose the  Limit Ad Tracking option.
  4. Once enabled, restart your Roku device.
  5. The number of ads that appear based on what you search or watch will be reduced.

Opt the Premium Streaming Plans like YouTube Premium

A lot of streaming services out there have a free as well as a paid version. While it’s great to save money and subscribe to a free plan, you only end up watching more ads than content on the streaming service. In this case, you can always choose the plan that lets you remove ads for a monthly or a yearly price.

Do this only if you are fine with upgrading to a paid plan just to remove ads and also hopefully get access to more features or content. For example, when it comes to YouTube, you can go for the YouTube Premium subscription.

Adjust Your Router Settings

One way to get rid of a number of advertisements is by making changes to your Router settings. Do note that this needs to be done by someone who understands what is being done. A simple wrong move and force you to reset your router and adjust the settings all over again So, only if you or someone that you know has a good idea of adjusting router settings, follow these steps.

  • Visit your router’s login page by using the address mentioned at the back or in the documentation files of the router.
  • The username and password will also be mentioned on the router or in the documentation.
  • Once signed in, you should see a tap or menu that says Advanced. Click on it.
  • Under this option, you should now look for the Security, Filtering, or Control options.
  • When you see the text that says block domains and keywords, you can add the following two links that will prevent a number of ads from being displayed on your Roku.
  • Save all of the settings and restart your Router as well as your Roku device.
  • You should now be seeing a lot less number of advertisements on your Roku device

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you block all ads on your Roku device?

No, you cannot block all ads on your Roku device. Adblcokers and similar apps cannot be installed on your Roku device. 

Can I reduce the number of advertisements on Roku?

Yes, provided you make some adjustments on the settings app, and the router and subscribe to ad-free plans of streaming services, you will be able to reduce the number of ads on your Roku device.

Can Ads be turned off on Roku?

No, there is no such setting on the Roku device that lets you turn off any or all ads. You will always be served with ads as Roku is able to earn money via the ads embedded into all of its services.


This concludes the article on whether you can install ad-blockers on your Roku device or not. Sure, advertisements can get annoying, especially the ones that are not of your interest and more often the pens that keep getting repeated every single time. The best way is to get paid streaming plans and adjust your router settings so that all the advertisements don’t load up.

If you have questions or queries, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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