9 Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives for Android, iPhone, and PC

If you are someone that uses an Android device, you very well know that there are a ton of modded apps that you can choose from. One of the most popular modded apps out there is a modded version of YouTube, known as Vanced. It has a ton of useful features that gained it a lot of popularity. It has, however, come to a stage where it will no longer be in development. And because it’s coming to an end, people are looking out for alternatives to Vanced. Let’s take a look at the best YouTube Vanced alternatives for Android, iOS, and PC.

The Vanced app has been running for a number of years. It had features that the regular stock YouTube app didn’t have. For example, you could make use of the true dark mode with the help of the AMOLED theme and even keep your videos playing even when the app is running in the background. The best of all was the fact that it would block all kinds of ads and give an ad-free experience while you browse through and stream various content on YouTube. With Vanced saying goodbye, here are some of the best alternatives that you can use in 2022.

Alternatives to Youtube Vanced in 2022

Pure Tuber

We begin this list with a free app that is available right away on the Google Play Store. Yes, we are talking about Pure Tuber. Sure, it doesn’t sound anything like YouTube, but, when you install it on your device. In fact, you can even sign in with your Google account and continue watching content from your subscribed channels. The app removes any types of ads that can otherwise be found on the stock YouTube app. With Pure Tuber, you can even set the dark mode theme and enjoy the AMOLED theme that is available on Vanced. It, however, will not play videos if you leave the app in the background or if you lock your phone’s screen. Pure Tuber can be downloaded for free from the Play Store or from its official website.

best youtube vanced alternatives

YouTube ++

Now, if you are someone that uses an iOS device, or for that matter has an older iOS device lying around, you can still take advantage of the modded version of YouTube, called YouTube ++. Now, this app can be installed from TweakBox or Altstore a third-party app store that lets you install and download apps that aren’t available on the Apple App Store. YouTube ++ has all the best features such as the ability to play your videos in the background, download them, and best of all get rid of all sorts of advertisements.

best youtube vanced alternatives


NewPipe is another Vanced alternative if you prefer using the modded version and enjoy a better experience of YouTube altogether. Now, NewPipe isn’t on par with Vanced, but it does the work. It lets you stream and watch various YouTube content without any sort of ads. In fact, you can even use your Google account to sign and watch videos from channels you have subscribed to. The lets you also play the videos in the background when you minimize the app or switch to another one. You can download the NewPipe app from its official website.

best youtube vanced alternatives


Just like NewPipe, SkyTube is an open-source YouTube app that can be installed via F-Droid. You will be able to stream and watch all of your favorite content off YouTube without requiring to sign in with a Google account. The app lets you watch content without ads, block or hide videos that you wouldn’t watch, and even read through various comments under a particular video. You can also install SkyTube Extra which can be downloaded from its official website. SkyTube Extra supports the official YouTube player.

best youtube vanced alternatives


LibreTube is another free open source YouTube alternative for Android devices. Now, this is an app that uses Piped. This app is a work in progress and will be having some bugs here and there. The best part about this app is that you can choose from different servers and create an account on it if you wish to subscribe to any particular channel. This also means that Google isn’t getting any of your account’s data and information on what content you watch. The source code is available for the public on GitHub and the app can also be downloaded from there itself.

best youtube vanced alternatives

YouTube Premium

Well, to be honest, if none of the above apps works get for you, the best you can do is get yourself a YouTube Premium subscription. Now of course it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as that of Vanced like the dark AMOLED theme, but if you want to play your videos in the background and without ads, YouTube Premium is the way to go. It will cost you $11 a month on Android or $15 on an iOS device.

best youtube vanced alternatives

Brave Browser

Now, if you simply want to have a good ad-free experience, the best option for you right now would to be use a web browser. Well, not just any web browser. We are talking Brave- the browser that has been designed to safeguard your privacy. To make use of it, you simply need to download and install the Brave browser from the Google Play Store and log in to YouTube right away.

best youtube vanced alternatives

Kiwi Browser

Just like how we mentioned earlier the Brave browser automatically blocks ads and disables tracking so that you can have a pleasant experience streaming YouTube content. Kiwi browser is a pretty cool browser because you get to make use of interesting extensions that will improve your YouTube viewing experience. apart from just blocking ads, you can also make changes to various elements of YouTube on the web browser and also install extensions that will identify and skip various kinds of sponsor blocks that might be part of the video. The best part of it? The web browser is available for free to be installed right away from the Google Play Store itself!

best youtube vanced alternatives

Use Ad Blockers

Web browsers on Android such as Mozilla Firefox, lets you install ad blockers on its web browser. So, that is the best way to be able to enjoy YouTube without any of the ads. Even other web browsers have various settings such as disabling trackers and even turning off advertisements on websites. Of course, it’s not the best solution to replace Vanced, but something is better than nothing in the end.

best youtube vanced alternatives


And there you have it. The best alternatives to Vanced that you can use to enjoy similar YouTube experiences on your mobile device. Now, the developers of Vanced have stated that the app will continue to work for about 2 years by which it will then get outdated Will be able to see an alternative like Vanced take up its place and be the next best Vanced alternative? Time will tell. For now, the download links for Vanced are still available, so hurry up and download them before the links are taken away forever.

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