How to type YouTube comments in Italics, Bold, and Strikethrough

YouTube is a popular platform where you can upload and share videos related to gaming, tech, vlogs, or for that matter almost anything and everything including things you enjoy as a hobby. Apart from just watching videos on YouTube, you can also drop comments under a video or even any post that has been uploaded by the creator. And to make your comment catchy here’s how to put Italics, Bold, Strikethrough in YouTube Comments.

The comments section is where people discuss the video, leave feedback or for that matter even comment on something funny or silly just to gain some likes on YouTube. However, there are a few comments that people type in to make themselves look unique. If you have been wondering how some people’s comments look different from the normal ones, here is a guide you can follow.

How to Format Text in YouTube Comment

If you have ever had anything important to say in a YouTube comment, you would want to make it look important. Simply typing it in upper case and lower case with brackets or quotation marks won’t bring in that much attention. This is where you need to know how to format your text in YouTube comments. If you wish to know how to format your text comment on YouTube, read on to how you can.

How to Format Text in YouTube Comment

There are three ways that you can follow to make your YouTube comment look unique. Three ways you can type your comments are in Bold, Italics, and Strikethrough. Oh, and if you like to combine all of it into one single comment, that can also be done. So, let’s see how to put italics, bold, strikethrough in YouTube Comments.

How to Type YouTube Comments in Bold

Now, if you wish to emphasize something in your comment, you would be better off typing the few words in bold. Here is how you do it.

In case you wish to type a comment in bold or have a particular word in bold, simply add the asterisk symbol at the beginning and the end of the sentence or that particular word.

Here is a YouTube comment that is in *BOLD*

How to Type YouTube Comments in Italics

You can also use the Italics text formatting in your YouTube comments. Simply add the underscore symbol at the beginning and end of the particular word or the whole sentence.

Here is a YouTube comment that is in _ITALICS_

How to Type YouTube Comments in Strikethrough

Imagine you made a comment earlier but now wish to edit it or add something like an update to the comment, this is where the Strikethrough text will come in handy. You can add minus sign before and after the text you want to comment in Strikethrough.

Here is a YouTube comment that has a -STRIKETHROUGH-

How to Type YouTube Comments in Mixed Format

The good part about text formats is that you can choose to mix all three formatting styles in one sentence itself. You can add it to particular words in a sentence or just apply it to the whole sentence itself. But then, the sentence will be a pain for some people to read.

Here is a YouTube comment that is in *BOLD* _ITALICS_ and has a -STRIKETHROUGH-

Reversed and Upside Down Text on YouTube

There are a handful of people that will go ahead and simply take the text an extra mile. What they do is type in numbers and texts in a reversed and flipped format style. You can also do this if you wish. Here is a guide on how you can type such text as a YouTube comment.

And this is how you can type your YouTube comments in different formatting styles. While this might be done just to have some fun or for importance, remember to not make everything in a particular text format. It’s best to have the whole sentence in a regular format with important words formatted. Otherwise, it just becomes a headache for a few people and it just drives interest from your comment far away.


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