11 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 and 11 [2024]

If you are running a Windows 11 PC, you would be knowing about its improvements as well as the responsiveness of the OS. You might think, well the default Photos app should suffice for most users and might also be improved with a faster response time in Windows 11. Sure, it has improvements over the Windows 10 version, but it still misses out on the ability to open all kinds of image formats.

Here is the list of 11 Best Photo Viewers for Windows 11 and Windows 10 2024 that will provide you with a better experience than the default photo viewer and will run smoothly on low-end systems.

Sometimes, while opening an image with the default photo viewer, all you get to see is a black screen. This is something that can get annoying. Even though the app is packed with a ton of features it misses out on the simplest of things.

So, if you are fed up with the default photo viewer app or if you are looking for an alternative, here are the 10 best alternative photo viewers for Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC.

To get rid of these annoying issues, you need to try these Best Photo Viewers for Windows 11 and 10. Luckily, these apps are available on the Windows Store as well as on the web. Don’t worry you will get the link for all the listed photo viewers to save your time. There are a lot of photo viewers available online, so picking the best one is not easy. But I am sure you will like all the photo viewers that are on the list.

Note: I’ve tested different images with different size’s, pixels, resolution. The image’s I’ve tested with these software’s are also available on YTECHB. All the tested images with a size of 1MB, 2MB, 3MB, 5MB are available – Here.

Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 & 11

You can set any Photo Viewer as the default photo viewer by following these two methods: Go to Settings and search for default apps and open it. Now in Photo Viewer, select the desired photo viewer. You might have to select the default app for each and every image format or else the Photos app will open the image itself. The second method is to right-click on an image and click on ‘open with‘ and then select ‘choose another app’ and then click on the photo viewer app you want to make it default. Also, make sure to mark tick on ‘always use this app to open these files”.

1. One Photo Viewer

best photo viewer for windows 10

One Photo Viewer is a simplistic and intuitive app which easily sticks into the first position. Talking about the features, then one of the main highlights of this utility app is, it’s an ad-free app. It also comes with the essential features like pan, zoom, tools, export, rotate. One additional feature for re-save the image with different size and resolution with PNG or JPEG format also makes it better than the default viewer of Windows 10.

Talking about the supports file formats, then it supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, ICO, JPEG-XR, DDS, and many raw formats like DNG, etc.

Download One Photo Viewer App

2. IrfanView

best photo viewer for windows 10

When it comes to photo viewer, IrfanView is one of the trusted brands out there from last 18 years. I have been using IrfanView for years now and it is the only software which has never disappointed me. The highlight of this photo viewer is, simple user interface, lightweight, and easy to use. The only thing which makes it dull from others is, the old UI.

It supports various image formats like PNG, JPEG/JPG, GIF, JP2 & JPM, TIFF, ECW, EMF, FSH, ICO, PCX, PBM, PDF, PGM, PPM, TGA, Flash, OGG, text files, and raw photo formats from high-end digital cameras.

Download IrfanView app

3. Phototheca

best photo viewer for windows 10

One of the trusted photo viewers from 2010, Phototheca easily manages your digital memory like a charm. You can easily organize the collection of images on your PC. Plus, it helps you to delete duplicate photos with a single click. The zoom-in & zoom-out slider gives you full control to see every single detail of the picture. Also, the only photo viewer from this list, by which you can share your pictures on any social media platform. However, the app has a 15 trial period and after that, you would have to purchase the full version for $64.95 a year.

Phototheca also supports some advanced file formats like EXIF, IPTC, XMP and all the essential file formats. The changes of XMP & IPTC will be saved into JPEG file format.

Download Phototheca

4. Nomacs

best photo viewer for windows 10

Nomacs is an underrated photo viewer for Windows 10 and 11. This is a free-to-use open-source image viewer that supports a large number of image files. You can view all of your images from a particular folder thanks to the program’s ability to display thumbnails. You can also create your own slide show to view your images in full screen.

Nomacs also has a good number of image editing tools that let you crop, resize, create mosaics, and also easily set the image as wallpaper for your desktop background.

Download Nomacs

5. XnView

best photo viewer for windows 10

XnView is a popular tool used by lots of people. Why? Apart from just viewing photos, the software lets you edit photos as well as convert images in batches. The best part of XnView is that it is able to open more than 500 image formats. Also, this is free-to-use software and would require you to buy a license only if you are an organization. XnView has no adware and no spyware.

You can choose to download XnView MP or XnView Classic. The software will support systems running Windows 7 all the way up to Windows 11.

Download XnView

6. 123 Photo Viewer

best photo viewer for windows 10

123 Photo Viewer is one of the robust app available on Windows 10 as a photo viewer. The slideshow is working like a charm, when it changes the image, the transition effect of fade-in and fade-out, it changes the color texture which looks cool. I have tested this software for a very long time, and it easily fits for the alternative to the Windows 10 default photo viewer.

You can save your photos to BMP, DDS, JPG, PDF, PNG, TIP, WMP with the need of any external software. The thing I like most about 123 Photo Viewer is the support for PSD file format.

Download 123 Photo Viewer

7. Pictureflect Photo Viewer

best photo viewer for windows 10

The Pictureflect Photo Viewer app is yet another small app on the Microsoft Store. One of the best features of this app is, it supports a number of image formats including JPEG, PNG, HEIC, WebP, AVIF, BMP, TIFF, and more. The app comes with a number of zooming options, so you can get deep into the details of the picture. It’s available in both free and paid versions, you can get it from below-listed link.

If you’re looking for a small and easy-to-use Photo Viewer for Windows 10, then make sure to give a try to the Pictureflect Photo Viewer.

Download Pictureflect Photo Viewer

8. Sakura Photo Viewer

best photo viewer for windows 11

Sakura Photo Viewer is one of the simple and fast apps which you can use on Windows 10. One of the main reasons for the popularity is, the simple user experience & the tools for user intent. It is one of the photo viewers, not lightweight but it runs very fast. It’s yet another tool, which is available in both free and paid options.

It supports all the basic file formats for better management. Talking about some other features, then you can move to photos by picking the dates, delete images in one click, set background image easily, and a few more.

Download Sakura Photo Viewer

9. File Viewer Plus 4

best photo viewer for windows 11

The software which helps you to explore any type of files, whether it’s an image, song, zip, document, or any other. The only thing about this photo viewer is, you can only view your photos, because it may not come with advanced features like exposure, and vignette. Though, Red-Eye Reduction is available on this software. Talking about the speed, then it looks images very fast.

If we’re looking into the supported file formats, then it supports PNG, JPEG/JPG, GIF, TIFF, ECW, EMF, FSH, ICO, PDF, PGM, PPM, TGA, Flash, OGG, text files, & raw photo formats from high-end digital cameras like Canon & Sony.

Download File Viewer Plus 4

10. Photo Image Viewer

best photo viewer for windows 11

The next pick in the list of best photo viewer for Windows 10, is the Photo Image Viewer app. If you’re facing slow loading issues with default Photos app, then you can give a try to the Photo Image Viewer. It doesn’t have features like editing but it works like a charm. Also, It allows you to rotate images and do resizing with them.

It supports major file formats like JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG as well. It’s freely available on the Windows 10 App Store.

Download Photo Image Viewer

11. Bonus: Windows Photo Viewer

The most useful photo viewer, which comes with Windows XP, Vista, even Windows 7 comes with Windows Photo Viewer. If you’re confused why I’ve added the old Windows Photo Viewer, then the answer will be that it works pretty well. Also, you can use it on Windows 10 as well. So, here I will tell you How to enable old Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10.

  1. Download the Windows Photo Viewer.
  2. Extract the file and run “Activate Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10”.
  3. Go to Start Menu, now open system settings.
  4. Search for default apps and in default apps set Windows Photo Viewer as default in the photo viewer.

That’s it.


As you’re looking for a fast alternative to the Windows 10 Photo Viewer. Then, I am sure that this list of Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 and 11 2024. My favorite photo viewer from this list is Basic Photo Viewer & IrfanView.

Let me know which one is your favorite, by dropping a comment in comment box.

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