How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 7/8/10 [4 Different Ways]

We work a lot on computers in the present tech world. Almost every day we encounter a situation where we need to capture desktop screen in many cases such as watching movies, working on a project, browsing, data analytics, blogging, error detection etc. So to help you out we found 4 ways on how to Take a Screenshot on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. These methods are easy and time-saving.

Let me give you my example, I need to take screenshot daily to put those screenshots on the website. So if you also need to take screenshots but don’t know how to screenshot on windows then this post is for you. We have explained four different methods because if one method doesn’t work for someone then they can use other options to take screenshots.

how to take a screenshot on windows

There is a default way to take screenshots on windows like an Android phone where we have to just click on the screenshot and the screenshot will be saved in a specific location. There is an advantage on windows that we can save the screenshot in any format like jpg, png or other image formats. Let’s move to our methods to capture screenshot on Windows.

1. PrintScreen to Take Screenshot on Windows

This is the default method to capture screen on Windows 7/8/10. Using the PrtScr key we can take screenshots in different ways. This is the easiest method to screenshot on windows. Follow the steps to know how to capture screenshots using the PrintScreen key. It produces HD screenshots which is an advantage.

Default Method: Open the page that you want to capture then press both Windows key and PrtScr key. This will directly save the screenshot on Pictures folder (C:\Users\Your PC Name\Pictures\Screenshots).

Other Method:

  • Open the page you want to capture and also open Paint App.
  • Then press PrtScr key and paste(ctrl+V) on Paint.
  • Now edit according to the need and click on save icon or press Ctls+S.
  • Name the screenshot and choose a format and then save.

Using this method you can edit the screenshot before saving it through Paint. And also you have various format options to save.

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2. Snipping Tool to Take Screenshot on Windows

Using the snipping tool is the second easiest way to capture desktop screen. Also, Snipping tool comes inbuilt on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. So you don’t need any software to take a screenshot on Windows. Using the snipping tool to take screenshot also have some advantages and disadvantages as well. You will get to know the advantages and disadvantages later but first let’s take a tour to understand how we can use the Snipping tool to take a screenshot on PC or Desktop.


  • Click on Windows icon and type Snipping tool.
  • Then open the snipping tool.
  • A snipping tool tab will open. Now go to the screen that you want to capture.
  • And then switch to the Snipping tool. In snipping tool click on new and then select the area you want to capture.
  • Now click on save icon and then save the screenshot in any format (PNG, GIF, JPG) you want.

Snipping tool features:

Snipping tool has some features like the shape of the screenshot, time delay, highlighter etc. Find out how they work from below.

  • Mode: Mode is used to change the change the way of capturing the screenshot like if you want to capture screen in rectangle shape select Rectangular Snip. Other modes are Free-form Snip, Window snip, and Full-screen Snip.
  • Delay: Delay is used to set time for delay. For example, you have set 2 seconds then after clicking new after 2 seconds you will be able to capture.
  • Options: In options, you can set how you want to capture screen. Check out the image to see what options are available.

Note: You can also edit your screenshot before saving it. You can highlight, mark, and use draw using pen.

The advantage of using the snipping tool is its features and it is easy to use. Whereas the disadvantage is that the screenshot quality will not be in HD.

3. Screen Recorder to Take Screenshot on Windows

Do you know that Screen Recorder also let us capture desktop screen? There are many Screen Recorder available for Windows. I will suggest using Apowersoft Screen Recorder. It is easy and reliable. Let’s see how we can use Apowersoft Screen Recorder to screenshot on Windows.


  • Open Apowersoft Screen Recorder.
  • Then click on screenshot icon.
  • Now select the area on the screen to take a screenshot.
  • Then edit the screenshot according to the need and save it.
  • That’s it. This is how to take a screenshot on Windows using a screen recorder.

Note: You can use any screen recorder. As far I know most of the screen recorder provides screen capture features. But the way of using can be different for the different recorder.

4. Screenshot Software to Take Screenshot on Windows

If you don’t want to copy and paste anything and want to take a screenshot in high quality with tons of modifications, then I will suggest using a Screenshot software. You can find many paid and free tools which are used to capture the screen. Famous tools are Snagit, screenshot captor, Camtasia etc. Screenshot captor is my first choice because it is free and small size. Also, it is reliable to use. Check out how to take a screenshot on Windows 7/8/10 using Screenshot Captor.


  • Download and open Screenshot Captor software.
  • Now in taskbar click on arrow icon and then Right click on Screenshot Captor to take a screenshot on pc
  • Then click on grab current screen or you can choose other options to take a screenshot on pc
  • After screenshot click on Save Image to take a screenshot on windows
  • And at last, locate where you want to save the screenshot and save to screenshot on windows 10
  • That’s it. This is how to take a screenshot on windows using Screenshot Captor.


So these are the four different ways in which you can take screenshots on windows. At last, I would say to just use the default method to take a screenshot (PrtScr+Windows). But if the PrintScreen key is not working then you can go for the Snipping tool method. And if you want to capture Screenshots in high quality then you can use Screen recorder or Screenshot capture tool on Windows.

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