10 Best Keyboards for Computer Under Rs.500 (2020)

Looking for the best keyboard that can work smoothly with your computer for a long time. Then you are at the right place, here I am going to write about 5 Best Keyboards Under Rs.500. All these five keyboards you will see are durable, and you will find them very useful. As the price of all keyboards is under Rs.500, the functions will be limited, but they perform very well. You will not regret spending Rs.500 on one of these keyboards.

There are a lot of keyboard options available, so to save your time we have a list of some basic budget keyboards that you can try. The keyboards in the list are the best Keyboard in India under 500.

Best Keyboard for Computer Under Rs.500

1. Dell KB 216

best keyboard under 500

It is the best keyboard available in the Indian market under Rs.500 in my opinion. The feel while using the Dell KB 216 is like you are using an expensive product. The Keys are soft, and you will not find any disturbance during typing. So if you like a keyboard that doesn’t make sounds on pressing keys then you can try this product. It is priced at Rs.499 on Flipkart (can be available on other sites or retail stores). Dell KB 216 is a wired Keyboard and supported on Windows 7/8/10, XP, Linux. It comes with an OEM warranty.

These are the best keyboard for everyday use and office use. Wires on the keyboard are long which is another good thing on this keyboard. You can not expect typing experience like expensive mechanical keyboards. And also this keyboard is not for gamers.

Price: Rs.499

Buy From: Amazon  |  Flipkart

2. Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard

best keyboard under 500

Amkette Xcite Pro is a well-deserved keyboard for this list. It comes with various multimedia keys to access to control multimedia activity. It is available for Rs.459 and can vary according to the place you are buying. The keyboard is designed very well and looks attractive. The keystrokes are noiseless and smooth, and It is spill resistant. The keys are coated with UV which prevent from fading letters or sign written on buttons.

Directional and Multimedia keys are colored for easy access even in the dark. Also, the keyboard can be used to play games so it’s a good keyboard for gamers. It is hard to find a keyboard like this with all of these features.

Price: Rs.459

Buy Now: Amazon | Flipkart

3. HP K1500 Wired Keyboard

best keyboard under 500

HP K1500 is another good keyboard under Rs.500 for amazing typing experience. The look of the keyboard is so simple but the performance is what makes worth it. It is a full-sized keyboard with three LED indicator for Caps lock, Num lock, and Scroll lock. It is also a spill-resistant keyboard and has adjustable legs. Keys do not make sounds on pressing or we can say it has quite keystrokes feature.

The travel distance between keys is enough and it has soft keys that enhance the typing experience. So if you like to go on with the brand then Hp K1500 could be the best choice for Rs.499. You can also expect it to work for a long period of time because of its build quality.

Price: Rs.499

Buy Now: Amazon | Flipkart

4. Logitech K120 Wired Keyboard

best keyboard under 500

Logitech is a very famous company for its Mouse and Keyboards. Usually, they launch their products at a higher rate but Logitech K120 is exceptional. It is available under 500. Talking about it’s features its a great typing keyboard under 500. Low profile keys are used in the keyboard to provide noiseless typing experience.

So if you are looking for a durable keyboard under 500 then try Logitech K120. The design is thin and sleek to provide a comfortable typing experience. Also, it is designed as spill resistant. The keyboard is a bit heavy than other keyboards in this price range but acceptable.

Price: Rs.500

Buy Now: Amazon | Flipkart

5. Zebronics KM2000 Wired Computer Keyboard

best keyboard under 500

Zebronics KM2000 is a well designed and stylish wired keyboard under 500 in India. 8 extra Multimedia keys are available on top of the keyboard in orange color. Also, the directional keys including W, A, S, D are in orange color. Its always good to have multimedia keys to control multimedia activities in just one tap.

This keyboard is also good for gamers. There are some features that are missing or bad. The keyboard lack grip on the back which makes it slippery. Also, lights for scroll lock, num lock, and caps lock are not visible.

Price: Rs.321

Buy Now: AmazonFlipkart

6. Amkette Xcite NEO USB Computer Keyboard

best keyboard under 500

Another good keyboard under 500 from Amkette. Amkette Xcite Neo is a great keyboard for comfortable typing. It also has 8 multimedia keys to easily control multimedia activities such as music control, brightness, and internet activities. The spill resistance design saves the keyboard from liquids.

If you are looking for a stylish gaming keyboard in India then you can buy this keyboard. The modern design and blue highlighted W/S/A/D and the directional button looks cool. It’s also comfortable typing and playing games.

Price: Rs.449

Buy Now: Amazon | Flipkart

7. QHMPL 8810 Laptop Keyboard

best keyboard under 500

QHMPL keyboards are available in wide range markets including offline and online stores. And the best part is that all the keyboards are available at cheap prices. QHMPL 8810 is a great product from QHMPL and users are also loving this product which you can see through reviews on Flipkart. I have also used the product and it worked well without any problem. It is a durable keyboard till you use it very carefully.

The typing experience on the keyboard is great but the keys make sounds on pressing. This keyboard is good for home use and also for gaming.

Price: Rs.400

Buy Now: Flipkart

8. Intex Jumbo USB Keyboard

best keyboard under 500

Intex Jumbo is a full sized keyboard and due to some amazing features, it makes it to the list. Keys on the keyboard are soft and make very less sound on pressing keys. The modern design looks cool with Intex branding on top. Similar to other keyboards it also has highlighted keys.

If you want to get a lightweight keyboard under 500 then you can choose Intex Jumbo. Letters on keys are laser printed which will prevent fading the letter.

Price: Rs.399

Buy Now: Amazon | Flipkart

9. VU4 Waterproof and Flexible Keyboard

best keyboard under 500

VU4 is a standard size keyboard with 109 keys, and there is only one set of numeric keys. The keyboard is foldable and designed well. No need to worry about water spilling as it is waterproof. The body of the keyboard is made of silicon, and it is a lightweight product. You can even wash it using soap, it’s funny, but it is true.

You can also fold the keyboard and carry it anywhere with ease. It is a unique keyboard with interesting features. The keys are of rubber means noiseless.

Price: Rs.499

Buy Now: Flipkart

10. Dell KB212 Wired Keyboard

best keyboard under 500

Nearly the same product as Dell KB216 but with the difference in price and design. It does not look good as KB216, but it is Durable. Rubber pads are used to the keyboard to avoid sliding during use. The ergonomic design of the keyboard lets you adjust its tilt Stable to allow typing from different angles.

The keyboard has soft keys that mean noiseless strokes. It’s a good keyboard for business under Rs.500. The design of the laptop is simple and it’s a lightweight keyboard.

Price: Rs.499

Buy Now: Amazon

So these are the best keyboards under 500 that you can buy. If you know about other good keyboards that are not on the list then feel free to share, we will try to add in the list.

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