Apex Legends Mobile Weapons Tier List [All Weapons Ranked]

Every game has some kind of object or character that are important in the game. For some categories it is characters, for some it is weapons, for some it is both, and so on. And in every game, players must know which characters or weapons they need to use to be on top in the game. And that’s where a Tier List comes into play. So, what good is a tier list? Well, you can call it a quick short guide on what needs to be used and what should be left aside.

In the case of Apex Legends Mobile, a game that has recently been released, there are two elements that are important, One is the Legends in the game and the second is the Weapons. Because there are a number of various weapons in-game, it can be confusing for newbies to decide what gun they should go with. So, here we are today with Apex Legends Mobile Weapons Tier List of all guns ranked.

Now, we did cover the five best guns that you need to be using in Apex Legends mobile which you can check out by heading here. Today though, we will be ranking all the guns starting with the best all the way down to the worst ones in the game. Also, this ranking list is being created according to the current status of the guns in Season one of the game.

Apex Legends Mobile Weapons Tier List

Apex Legends Mobile Weapons Tier List

This tier list of weapons from Apex Legends Mobile will be classified into 5 different tiers. The S Tier will be the best and highest level whereas the D tier will be the lowest and maybe even the worst weapons to be used in Season One of the game. Remember, in the end, it is up to the player how he/she uses the gun. Now let’s jump into the Apex Legends Mobile Tier List of Weapons.

Apex Legends Mobile S Tier Weapons

Weapon NameWeapon Type
EVA- 8Shotgun
G7 ScoutMarksman Weapon
KraberSniper Rifle
R- 301 CarbineAssault Rifle
VK-47Assault Rifle
Volt SMGSubmachine Gun

Apex Legends Mobile A Tier Weapons

Weapon NameWeapon Type
30-30 marksman RifleMarksman Weapon
AlternatorSubmachine Gun
L-StarLight Machine Gun
R-99Submachine Gun
Triple TakeMarksman Weapon

Apex Legends Mobile B Tier Weapons

Weapon NameWeapon Type
FlatlineAssault Rifle
HemlockAssault Rifle
LongbowSniper Rifle
ProwlerSubmachine Gun
SentinelSniper Rifle

Apex Legends Mobile C Tier Weapons

Weapon NameWeapon Type
Charger RifleSniper Rifle
DevotionLight Machine Gun

Apex Legends Mobile D Tier Weapons

Weapon NameWeapon Type
HavocAssault Rifle

And this concludes the tier list of weapons in the game Apex legends Mobile. Do note that this is the list based on Season One. When the next season drops in, we could see a few guns getting buffed and a few getting nerfed. With that being said, we hope this list helps you make the right choices in choosing weapons. As it is with tier lists, not everyone will agree to ranks. So if you feel that a weapon should rather be in another tier level, you can leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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