Iron Saga Tier List [Epic Robot Battler Mecha Tier List] (2022)

Today, we will be talking about a role-playing game called Iron Saga – Epic Robot Battler. The game lets you battle around with robots against other robots. You will also be able to control your robot or mecha by dodging various attacks or by simply going ahead to fire on your enemies. With that being said, it’s important to know who is the best and who are the weak mechas that you should actually use in your battles. Read along to see Iron Saga Tier List of mechas that will help you win battles in the game.

Iron Saga was released on the 12th of December, 2019. It is available as a free-to-play game for Android and iOS devices with a number of purchases that can be done within the game. This game continues to receive a number of updates in not only bug fixes but also new content and even more new mechas. A great game to play provided you’ve enough patience and skill to try and understand how everything works. Here is our tier list of the mechas that have been ranked from the best to the worst in Iron Saga.

Iron Saga Tier List [Heroes Ranking]

Every game that has a bunch of characters with specific abilities and powers requires better strategy and execution to top the game. If you are new to the game or looking for the best heroes in the Iron Saga game, then this tier list will help you. In Iron Saga Tier List you will find the best characters (S Tier) to worst characters (F Tier). Following this tier list, you can choose characters you want to take with you in battle.

Iron Saga S Tier List

AsuraAttacker, Diver
Doy Jiang GaiTank
Huang LongRanger Attacker, Debuff
MephistoAttacker, Diver
ZulongRanger Attacker, Debuff

Iron Saga A Tier List

Bat SamuraiAttacker
BelialAttacker Tank
Breaking DawnRanged Attacker
DangaiohTank, Debuff
GalahadRanged Attacker
GoragiaAttacker Diver
JormungandRanged Attacker
PaimonAttacker Tank
Reno MK 2Attacker Diver
Sin 3Attacker Diver
ThorAttacker, Debuff
TsukiyomiRanged Attacker, Debuff

Iron Saga B Tier List

AlbatrossTank, Diver
Deer StalkerRanged Attacker, Debuff
Infinity CosmosRanged Attacker
KaguyaAttacker, Diver
Nero SRanged Attacker, Debuff
TaotiegaiRanged Attacker, Debuff
Xuang WuAttacker, Debuff

Iron Saga C Tier List

AstarothAttacker tank
BrynhildAttacker Diver
Demon BladeAttacker Diver
GawainRanged Attacker, Debuff
Heavy KongouRanged Attacker Debuff
Lancelot GLRanged Attacker
LongdanRanged Attacker
Tao WuAttacker
Tyrant IIRanged Attacker Debuff
Tyrant III SRanged Attacker
Valk SCTank
ZhuqueAttacker, Diver

Iron Saga D Tier List

Agaress RSTank
Artemis QDebuff
Baal KSRanged Attacker
BloodwolfRaned Attacker
Master HeiAttacker
Qi Qing LongAttacker Debuff
Riot PoliceTank Debuff

Iron Saga F Tier List

BlacjackRanged Attacker
FamewindRanged Attacker
KamuiRanged Attacker
Taylor StarDebuff
Tyrant IAttacker


And this is the best tier list of all the mechas that are available in the game Iron Saga: Epic Robot Battler. Now that you are armed with this tier list, you should now be able to prepare for the battle and pick up the mecha that you feel is worthy enough to battle around your enemies. Are you a long-time Iron Saga player or, a new player? Let us know your thoughts about the game in the comments below.

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