5 Best Guns you need to use in Apex Legends Mobile – Season 1

With Apex Legends Mobile already made available globally, many players out there will be playing this game for the first time. It will surely be a new game, especially for those who have never played the PC version of Apex Legends. Apex Legends is a battle royale game where you play in a squad against other squads. There are different types of weapons available and it is important to always choose the weapon that is the best. Having a gun that is perfect for you can be a great advantage for you in taking out your enemies. So, today we will be taking a look at the best guns to use in Season 1 of Apex Legends Mobile.

Now, there are different types of guns available in Apex Legends Mobile. Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs, LMGs Snipers- you name it all. Apart from just having the guns whether you get them from the airdrop or from the ground drop, these guns have attachments that can help in scoring more points. So whether you are a returning Apex Legends player or a new player altogether, this guide will help you choose the right weapons that lead you to be the champions at every match.

Best Guns in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1

Before we go and talk about the best guns that you need to use in the game, there are a few things to remember. First, not every gun is available on the ground right away. Some of them will be available from the various care packages that drop on the map during the game. Also, you have two slots to equip yourself with your favorite guns. This means that if you have two guns that you don’t like, it shouldn’t be a problem. You can swap it out for your favorite one when you find it later. Now, let’s take a look at the best guns that you need to use in Apex Legends Mobile.

Peacekeeper – Shotgun

We start off with the shotgun. The Peacemaker is a unique shotgun in the game. When you aim at your target through the viewfinder of the gun, it starts to charge up. Meaning that it ensures that the bullet hits your target directly, thus, earning you more points. Shotguns are great close-range targets and perfect to get those close-range headshots right away. Here are the stats for the Peacekeeper:


  • Mobility – 25
  • Vertical Recoil – 30
  • Horizontal Recoil – 11
  • HipFire Accuracy – 38
  • Rate of Fire – 48
  • Effective Range – 178m
  • Magazine Size – 7
  • Full Reload Speed – 3.3s
  • Tac Reload Speed – 2.5s
  • ADS Speed – 0.22s
  • Weapon Swap Speed – 0.35s
  • Time to ADS – 0.15s
  • Damage – 118
  • Precision – 38

Damages Dealt

  • Head – 143
  • Body – 110
  • Legs – 88

Wingman – Pistol

The Wingman is one of the best pistols in the game. Mainly for two cool reasons. It has a got a great range meaning that you can take out enemies that are a bit far from the reach of your Peacemaker. Also, you can make use of the Skull Piercer attachment that gives you extra scores per headshot. If you are accurate enough with the gun, you score extra style points for headshots. Here are the stats for the Wingman.


  • Mobility – 25
  • Vertical Recoil – 22
  • Horizontal Recoil – 8
  • HipFire Accuracy – 28
  • Rate of Fire – 162
  • Effective Range – 222m
  • Magazine Size – 8
  • Full Reload Speed – 1.8s
  • Tac Reload Speed – 2.1s
  • ADS Speed – 0.2s
  • Weapon Swap Speed – 0.25s
  • Time to ADS – 0.15s
  • Damage – 45
  • Precision – 28

Damages Dealt

  • Head – 90
  • Body – 45
  • Legs – 41

R-99 SMG

SMGs are great for those who aren’t very accurate when it comes to aiming and firing. This is the gun you can recommend new players and first-timers to use because of its one single reason. Its high rate of fire makes it easier for new players to spray down the enemies- even if it takes them some time to accurately target the enemy. You can check the stats for the R-99 below.


  • Mobility – 28
  • Vertical Recoil – 40
  • Horizontal Recoil – 15
  • HipFire Accuracy – 50
  • Rate of Fire – 1092
  • Effective Range – 242m
  • Magazine Size – 22
  • Full Reload Speed – 2.2s
  • Tac Reload Speed – 1.8s
  • ADS Speed – 0.24s
  • Weapon Swap Speed – 0.35s
  • Time to ADS – 0.15s
  • Damage – 11
  • Precision – 58

Damages Dealt

  • Head – 17
  • Body – 11
  • Legs – 10

Kraber – Sniper

While most guns are good, the Kraber is the best, especially for taking out the enemies that are far away. With a sniper, you would want to get a good position so you can target your enemies without them seeing you. The Kraber is the only gun in the game that gives you a kill just with one single bullet. To get your hands on the Kraber, you will have to wait for the care packages to drop since it’s available via airdrops only. Here are the stats for the sniper.


  • Mobility – 28
  • Vertical Recoil – 76
  • Horizontal Recoil – 28
  • HipFire Accuracy – 55
  • Rate of Fire – 30
  • Effective Range – 980m
  • Magazine Size – 5
  • Full Reload Speed – 4.0s
  • Tac Reload Speed – 3.2s
  • ADS Speed – 0.5s
  • Weapon Swap Speed – 0.7s
  • Time to ADS – 0.3s
  • Damage – 145
  • Precision – 95

Damages Dealt

  • Head – 435
  • Body – 145
  • Legs – 116

R 301 Carbine – Assault Rifle

So, if you are looking for a gun that works best at low, mid, or far ranges, this is the assault rifle you will need to pick up. The best part about this gun is its recoil. Because it has super low recoil, you will be able to easily control it right away. It would be advisable to add this assault rifle as your primary gun during those intense battles. As it is with assault rifles, they are the go-to guns in any battle royale game like CODM or even PUBG. Here are the stats for the assault rifle.


  • Mobility – 30
  • Vertical Recoil – 44
  • Horizontal Recoil – 16
  • HipFire Accuracy – 55
  • Rate of Fire – 816
  • Effective Range – 475m
  • Magazine Size – 20
  • Full Reload Speed – 2.47s
  • Tac Reload Speed – 2.1s
  • ADS Speed – 0.27
  • Weapon Swap Speed – 0.45s
  • Time to ADS – 0.2s
  • Damage – 14
  • Precision – 55

Damages Dealt

  • Head – 25
  • Body – 14
  • Legs – 12


These are the five best guns you need to be using in the newly released mobile game Apex Legends. Each gun is unique based on the situation you put yourself in. Now, if you are someone that might prefer other guns that are not on this, you can go ahead. But, it would be better if you would equip at least one of the above-mentioned guns as your secondary weapon. What are your go-to guns in the Apex legends mobile game? Let us know about them in the comments below.

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