WhatsApp testing Chat filters once again

We are getting to experience back-to-back new beta features on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has recently added multiple new features in the last few months. And it looks like the popular messaging platform is dedicated to bringing some missing features like Chat Filters.

This is not the first time we heard about chat filters in WhatsApp. WhatsApp started testing Chat Filters last summer and it appeared later in September, but it was soon dropped and didn’t make it into a stable build.

Recently WhatsApp has once again begun testing chat filters feature. We got the new chat filters feature in our Galaxy S24 Ultra with the latest WhatsApp beta (version We checked on a few other Android phones and iPhones, but it is not available on them yet.

So it looks like the new feature is available for select users. But this time the user pool seems bigger than the last attempt. So it is possible the chat filters feature could make its way to the stable build this time.

WhatsApp testing Chat Filters

Now let’s talk about the feature. These new chat filters appear on top of all messages on the main page of WhatsApp. There are three filters to choose from, All, Unread, and Groups. The All filter will be selected by default which will show the messages as usual. In Unread, it will show only contacts with unread messages, and then the Groups filter to see group contacts.

Last time when WhatsApp was testing this feature there was a Contact filter, but it’s not present this time. The new filters feature will surely help some users if not all. If you are someone with a long contact list in WhatsApp, you can easily find unread and group messages without scrolling endlessly. For some users, it may not be that beneficial.

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