How to Edit Stickers on WhatsApp [Android and iPhone]

WhatsApp is one of the feature-rich messaging platforms and a good solution for conversation between Android and iOS devices. Meta, the company behind WhatsApp, is adding new features to WhatsApp almost every month. One of the recent new features is the ability to create new stickers. And now users can also edit Stickers on WhatsApp without using any third party apps.

The feature to create stickers was first rolled out to iOS devices, but is now slowly rolling out to Android devices as well. We have already shared the steps to create stickers in WhatsApp using images. And here we will specifically talk about editing stickers in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has had Sticker support through various available sticker packs for a long time. But to use these stickers, first you need to download the pack and then you have to browse through many of them to find some good ones. So it’s amazing to have the option to create our own sticker. This way we can create stickers of our own choice.

Edit WhatsApp Stickers on Android and iOS

If you want to add some creativity to existing stickers or stickers that you created manually, you can check the steps given below. I have tested the new sticker edit feature on both iPhone and an Android phone. While it’s already available on iPhone, it is slowly making its way to Android phones, so some Android phone users might have to wait longer to see the new feature.

Step 1: First make sure to update your WhatsApp app.

Step 2: Launch WhatsApp on your phone and then open a chat.

Step 3: Tap on the Emoji icon on Android or Sticker icon on iPhone.

How to Edit Stickers in WhatsApp

Step 4: Here you will see available stickers.

Step 5: Touch and hold the sticker that you want to edit.

How to Edit Stickers in WhatsApp

Step 6: It will show some options including Edit Sticker, tap on it.

How to Edit Stickers in WhatsApp

Step 7: Now you can edit the sticker with available tools like adding text, draw anything, etc.

How to Edit Stickers in WhatsApp

Step 8: Once you are done with editing tap on the Done option and then tap Send button.

How to Edit Stickers in WhatsApp

The edit option also appears when you tap on the sticker you sent before, but the new edited sticker will be sent again.

You can edit stickers from the pack as well as stickers that you created manually. This is not a big feature but a useful addition.

So this is the guide on how to edit stickers in WhatsApp to enjoy stickers of your own choice. If you don’t see this new feature on your phone, you can wait for few days and the feature should appear with new update. In case if you have any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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