What Are Steam Points? How to Get and Use Them [Guide]

Steam, as we all know is a popular platform for purchasing games and software for Windows, Linux, and mac. There are a ton of free and paid items as well as plenty of features that other platforms can only dream of. Because it’s the best one out there, it naturally becomes the ultimate platform for gamers. One of the unique features about Steam is this feature called Steam Points. Today, we’ll be taking a look at what it is and what its benefits are, in detail.

Steam Points is a type of reward that you earn when you purchase a game. These purchases can be done during any time of the year whether there is a sale or not. These points can be used to purchase a ton of items within the Steam client. These items can be used to customize your Steam profile like stickers and banners. You can also purchase awards and give an award to anyone’s comment that you enjoy on Steam. With a rough idea of what is in store, here is everything you need to know about Steam Points.

Everything About Steam Points

Earning Steam Points

There are two ways that you can follow to earn Steam Points. One way is by purchasing games. Every time you spend around $1 on Steam whether you buy a game, an in-game item, DLC media, or for that matter even the game’s soundtrack file, you will earn 100 points. The other way to earn Steam Points is by leaving a review of a game. If people find your review insightful or funny, people are ready to award you with points.

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Spend Those Points!

Now depending on how many games you’ve purchased during sales or whenever you’ve started purchasing them. Assuming that you have a large number of Steam Points available, let’s take a look at what are things that you can use the Steam Points with. Before that, you also need to understand that the Speed Points cannot be transferred to another account, nor can you sell them. Even if you have purchased a game and earned the points, these points will be taken away as and when you refund a product from your library.

what are steam points

Purchase Profile Backgrounds and Avatars

If you are someone that likes to customize their Steam profile, you can make use of the accumulated Steam Points to purchase various kinds of avatars and backgrounds. These items will cost you anywhere between 2,000 to 10,000 Steam Points.

Purchase Stickers and Emoticons

Stickers and Emoticons from various games are available to purchase. These can be static or animated ones. You can use these stickers and emoticons while sending texts to your friends or even use them in comments and also in reviews for games.

what are steam points

Purchase Steam Deck Keyboard Themes

Valve has released the Steam Deck, a portable PC running on Steam OS that lets you play video games on the go. Because it’s by Valve, they have designed various themed Steam Deck keyboard skins that can be purchased using Steam Points. These keyboard skins will cost you 5000 Steam Points each.

what are steam points

Purchase Community Awards

Community awards are a great way to put the spotlight on various reviews, community posts, and even on profiles. There are a variety of awards that can be purchased and given to various community posts. Apart from giving out awards, you can also tip the contributor anything above 100 Steam Points.

what are steam points


This is it! Everything you need to know about Steam Points and what to spend it on in a simple easy to understand guide. What do you think about Steam Points? What do you think about these Steam Pomits rewards? Do you think it is a good way to keep existing users stick to the Steam client or is it simply a good way of saying thanks to the gamers who make purchases on Steam? What are your thoughts about it? Do let us know about them in the comments below.

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