Geekbench Score Suggests First Nokia Phone to receive Android 14

It’s been a month since the official release of Android 14. As usual it first released for the eligible Google Pixel phones. And recently, Samsung also began rolling out the stable Android 14 for its Galaxy devices. However there has been no such activity from Nokia or so we thought.

Android 14 is the latest Android version which comes with many new features. It brings features like Monochrome theme, easily see data sharing and permission from apps, no need to press Ok after entering PIN to unlock phone, all health data at one place, even bigger fonts, and flash notification. These are just to name a few, you can check more features in our dedicated Android 14 features page.

While many OEMs are testing the Android 14 beta for their devices, there had been no news about the Android 14 for Nokia phones. If you own Nokia phone, you must be waiting for any update on Android 14 for Nokia. Because why not, I have just listed a piece of new features but there are so many other changes to be excited for.

For Nokia users, finally there is some good news that give a piece of information where is Nokia when it comes to Android 14. A X ( formerly Twitter) user SaMeH_HoTlAiN shared the Geekbench score of Nokia G42 5G. And guess what, the score are based on Android 14 which could mean Nokia is testing Android 14 on Nokia G42 5G, maybe internally.

Android 14 for Nokia devices

As per the Nokiamob report, the Geekbench results of the Nokia G42 5G running Android 14 are same as that of scores on Android 13. So the new Android 14 isn’t going to impact the performance but you get more features that can make your usage experience better.

Although there is now some hint at Android 14 for Nokia phones, there is no official update from Nokia. And we aren’t expecting any update at least for a few weeks.

Nokia when made its comeback, they made a good start by releasing new major update for its devices on time. But it was a one time performance and in later update users had to wait too much or most of the phones were not even eligible for the update. Let’s see how Nokia does this time. And are you excited for the update?

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