How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 (with Long Screenshot)

Samsung recently released its fourth generation Galaxy foldables, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. Since these devices come with different form factors, using these devices is also different. And if you own a Galaxy Z Fold 4, taking a screenshot on the device is also a bit different and difficult. Here in this guide, you will learn how to take a screenshot on Galaxy Z Fold 4 with the long screenshot guide.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a tablet when unfolded and a phone when folded. So working is definitely different. And if you are using Galaxy Z Fold for the first time then you will find it a bit difficult to use it compared to other Android phones. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes with a number of unique features that are only available for foldables.

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How to Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Talking about the screenshot feature, it is easy to take a screenshot on the external screen as it is the size of the phone. But capturing screenshots on the inner screen is difficult as it has a bigger display. So if you want to know the different ways to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, you can follow the below mentioned methods.

Screenshot using Shortcut Buttons

Since the foldable runs on Android based One UI, it supports the button combo for taking screenshots. It is turned on by default and so you can just follow the button combination mentioned in the steps below.

  1. Open the page you want to capture on your Galaxy Z Fold 4.
  2. Now Press Volume Down and Power Button together.
    Take Screenshot on Galaxy Z Fold 4
  3. When you press both buttons the screenshot will be captured.
  4. You will find the screenshot with more options on the bottom part of the screen.
    Take Screenshot on Galaxy Z Fold 4

So this is the normal way to take a screenshot. But using this method in the inner display makes it difficult to take a screenshot. This is because you need to apply pressure from one end and you need to stretch your hand as the volume button and power button are on the same side. So you may accidentally fold your phone while taking a screenshot. Now you can follow gestures to overcome this.

Screenshot using Palm Gesture

Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes with a default gesture to capture screenshot. You can use your Palm to take a screenshot on Galaxy Z Fold 4 without power button or volume button. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the Settings app on your foldable.
  2. Go to Advanced > Motions and Gestures.
    Take Screenshot on Galaxy Z Fold 4
  3. Look for Palm swipe to capture and enable it.
    Take Screenshot on Galaxy Z Fold 4
  4. Once the gesture is enabled, go to the page you want to capture.
  5. Now swipe the edge of your hand across the screen (left to right).
  6. It will capture the screenshot and display it at the bottom of your display with more options.

So this is how you can capture screenshots on Galaxy Z Fold 4 using your palm. Now let’s jump into the next method.

Screenshot using flex mode

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes with Flex Mode. When you flex the foldable’s screen by 90 degrees it changes the orientation and the second screen shows a bunch of tools to perform different tasks. You can also take screenshots using Flex Mode. Follow the steps given below. Remember this will work in the inner display only.

  1. Open Settings > Advanced Features.
  2. Now go to Labs > Flex mode panel.
  3. Here you can choose apps in which you want to use flex mode. You need to make sure it is enabled for the app which you want to capture in the screenshot.
    Take Screenshot on Galaxy Z Fold 4
  4. Now open the page you want to capture and fold the device to 90 degrees to make it like a laptop.
  5. The top part will show the page while the bottom part will show a few tools.
  6. Tap the screenshot icon and it will capture the page.

Screenshot using Assistant Menu

Just like the assistive touch on iPhone, Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes with an Assistant Menu which includes a bunch of tools in a small button. You can use this feature to capture screenshots. Let’s see how to use this feature.

  1. Open Settings and go to Accessibility.
  2. Now go to Interaction and Dexterity > Assistant Menu.
  3. Enable the Assistant Menu and it will bring a floating button.
    Take Screenshot on Galaxy Z Fold 4
  4. Tap on the button and it will show multiple tools you can use to perform various tasks.
  5. You can change tools from Select Assistant Menu items. If the screenshot option is not available by default you can add it from items.
  6. So after enabling the button, go to the page you want to capture in a screenshot.
  7. Tap on the button and then tap Screenshot.
  8. That’s it, it will take a screenshot that you can customize further.

Screenshot using S Pen

Yes, you can also take a screenshot using your S Pen. And this method to capture screenshots will be much easier than previous methods if you use S Pen.

Once Galaxy Z Fold 4 connects to the S Pen, it will show a small pen icon. Tap the pen icon using your S Pen. Now choose Smart Select from the apps and then select the area that you want to capture in a screenshot. Then tap the download icon to save the screenshot in Gallery.

You can also use Screen Write option if you don’t want to use Smart Select. In Screen Write it will take the screenshot by its own and then you can edit it as you want.

Screenshot using third party apps

The easiest way to take a screenshot will be the double tap or three finger swipe down to screenshot. But these gestures are not available on the device by default. So for this, you will need to make use of third party apps. There are a bunch of apps available on the play store that you can try.

All you need to do is find a suitable app and grant the required permission. Then set up the double tap gesture. After setup, go to the page you want to capture and double tap on the screen. It will now take a screenshot. Without a doubt, this will be the easiest way to capture screenshots even on a big screen phone.

How to Take Scrolling Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 (Long Screenshot)

You can also take long screenshots on your Galaxy Z Fold 4. It is also called scrolling screenshot which let you capture multiple windows in one screenshot. These windows must be a part of one page. It is helpful if you want to capture the full web page even the part that is not visible on the screen in the first place.

  1. Open a page that you want to capture in a scrolling screenshot.
  2. Take a screenshot using Gestures, Shortcut buttons, or the assistant menu.
  3. It will take a screenshot and show multiple options at the bottom. It will auto-detect the screen which is eligible for a long screenshot and will show the additional option.
  4. If you see four options after taking a screenshot then you can select the first icon (with double drop icon). It will capture the next screen area.
    Take Long Screenshot on Galaxy Z Fold 4
  5. You can tap double drop icon until the last part of the page.

Note: If there are two scrolling sides in one window, then it will not show the scrollable icon. It will only show a scrollable icon if that page is eligible for a long screenshot.

So that’s all on how to take a screenshot on Galaxy Z Fold 4. Let us know which is your favorite method for taking screenshots on foldable phones like Galaxy Z Fold 4.

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