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Stock Wallpapers is something that plays an important role in a device. It makes the device look better and so OEMs use these wallpapers to showcase their devices. Samsung has always been an OEM that includes top notch wallpapers on Galaxy smartphones. And as you know the display on Samsung phones is really great and the stock wallpapers make it even better. We have shared many Samsung phone wallpapers and here is the archive for all. Here you can download Samsung Wallpapers.

Stock Wallpapers on each phone are designed based on many reasons like the form factor, screen size, and more. And that’s why we see unique and reasonable stock wallpapers on each device. Samsung has one of the best stock wallpapers collections. And we have shared stock wallpapers for almost all Samsung phones released at least in the last three years.

Samsung Wallpapers

This is an archive for our Samsung Stock Wallpapers collection which will help you track the available wallpapers. Also, it will let you jump into the Wallpaper article that you want. If you are a fan of Samsung Wallpapers, this is a useful guide. Let’s start with some of the popular Samsung phones.

Galaxy Z Flip 3

It is the latest phone in the Galaxy Flip series which comes with a cool set of wallpapers designed especially for the Flip phones. It has wallpapers for both cover and main screen. There are a total of 18 wallpapers in the collection that you can download in high quality. Flip 3 also has a live wallpaper with cool animation that takes place when we open it. You can check out the live wallpaper here.

Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is an improved version of the last Galaxy Z Fold phone. You will also get to see the new wallpaper collection and the new foldable phone. Since it is a foldable phone Samsung has designed wallpapers that suit the form factor. The concept of the wallpaper is the same as the last Foldable phone. Not only the still wallpaper, but the device also packs a few amazing live wallpapers that you can get here.

Galaxy S21

The series has three smartphones Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. And like other Galaxy S series smartphones, this also comes with an impressive set of wallpapers with a unique design of different powdered colors. There are a total of 14 wallpapers in the collection. Check out the download link. Galaxy S21 series also dons amazing live wallpapers that you can get here.

Galaxy S20

The flagship series from last year needs no introduction. Galaxy S20 series packs some cool wallpapers. There are two design concepts, one with the water droplets and the other with colorful leaves. Luckily the wallpapers are already available which you can download from the given links.

Galaxy S20 FE

The Fan Edition series started with the S20 and its main objective is to give S20 experience on a budget. Although the device comes with S20 wallpapers you will find some new cool wallpapers as well. There are a total of 8 wallpapers for you to download.

Galaxy Note 20

Samsung has been keeping good Stock wallpapers for years especially on the flagship phones. Galaxy Note 20 series has also a cool set of wallpapers that you can use to set up your device homescreen. There are also the Dex wallpapers you can download.

Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10 is no exception when it comes to cool wallpapers. It comes with a bunch of Abstract wallpapers of different designs. There are a total of 26 wallpapers in the S10 collection you can download from the link.

Samsung Wallpapers Collection

We will keep updating the Samsung Wallpapers archive, so in case if you are looking for wallpapers for any specific phones, you can check this list. So that’s all on the Samsung Wallpapers. In case of any doubts feel free to drop comments.

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