In March 2017, WhatsApp announces that the new feature of recall a message is launching soon. But till now the feature is not available for all the WhatsApp users, this feature is available for some beta testing users. The feature of edit the sent message is not available yet, but you can delete the sent message. Here I will tell How to Recall Sent Messages on WhatsApp Messenger. Or you can also say, How to Delete sent a message on WhatsApp.

How to Recall Sent Messages on WhatsApp Messenger:

  1. At first, you need to join the beta testing phase of WhatsApp Messenger by Play Store. Click Here to join the beta testing phase.
  2. You need to update your WhatsApp Messenger to the latest version. Click on the below button to download or update the WhatsApp Messenger. 
    WhatsApp Messenger
    WhatsApp Messenger
    Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
    Price: Free
  3. After installing the update, Open the app on your smartphone. Now you need to send a new message to your friends or relatives.
  4. Suppose, Here I send the Message “Hello” to my friend. After sending the message select it, by long press and tap on three dots icon at the top right corner of the WhatsApp. Now tap on the “Recall” option.
  5. After choosing the Recall option, your sent message will be deleted from your friend’s phone.How to Recall Sent Messages on WhatsApp Messenger
  6. By this way, you can easily recall the sent message on WhatsApp Messenger.
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