How to fix iPhone Can’t Hear Caller unless on Speaker

iPhones are popular for many reasons especially when it comes to hardware and software performance. Now, as one would expect, an iPhone is a great device that simply has no faults or issues. But, is it that way all the time? No these are also vulnerable to software and hardware issues like other phones.

One of the most common issues that a number of iPhone users are troubled by is when the person can’t hear the caller on iPhones unless they switch to speaker. If you are also facing the same issue with your iPhone, follow this guide to know about the various troubleshooting methods to fix can’t hear on iPhones unless on Speaker.

The main reason for getting a phone is to make and answer phone calls. And, anything that would hamper such operations can be very annoying for such users, especially if they take a lot of calls throughout the day. And switching over to the loudspeaker to take calls is not something anybody would comfortably be able to do. Luckily there are solutions to every problem including this one. So let’s take a look at the list of various troubleshooting methods to solve this issue.

Fixes for iPhone can’t hear Caller unless on Speaker

Now, this could be because of any reason. Maybe it is a software bug or even a hardware bug. So in that case you need to try different fixes until the issue gets sorted. So let’s start with the very basic troubleshooting method.

Fix #1: Restart your iPhone

The first and most common troubleshooting method out there is to restart your iPhone. Giving it a good old switch-off and switch-on function fixes a number of things in the world. In the case of the iPhone, you should perform a force restart which can help solve this issue. Here are the steps.

Cant Hear Caller iPhone

iPhone 8,  SE 2, 11, and newer

  • Press and release the volume up button.
  • Now, press and release the volume down button.
  • And finally, press and hold the power button.
  • As soon as the Apple logo appears on the screen, release the button.

iPhone 7 Series

  • Press and hold the volume down and power button together.
  • As and when the Apple logo appears, release both the buttons.

iPhone 6 and iPhone SE 1

  • Press and hold the power as well as the home button.
  • Release both buttons as and when the  Apple logo is released.

Fix #2: Check if iPhone is connected to a Bluetooth device

Now, if you are someone that uses a number of Bluetooth devices such as Apple AirPods, or any Bluetooth speaker, it is simply possible that you wouldn’t hear the caller’s voice from the earpiece of the iPhone. Because the sound from the other end is probably going to the connected device. So, always check and ensure that you don’t have any Bluetooth devices connected while you might be making or taking a call.

Cant Hear Caller iPhone

Depending on the type of iPhone, you have to swipe down from the top right corner or swipe up from the bottom to launch the Control Center. Now, simply tap on the Bluetooth icon to switch it off. Always ensure that Bluetooth is off before you take or make calls.

Cant Hear Caller iPhone

Fix #3: Change Accessibility Settings

If the issue is due to a software bug or if you are able to hear the caller but at a very low volume then also you can follow this fix.

  • Open the Settings App on your iPhone.
  • Now go to Accessibility. It will be available in General in older versions of iOS.
  • Scroll down a bit and open Audio/Visual. And turn off Phone Noise Cancellation.
    Cant Hear Caller iPhone
  • Another setting you need to change in Accessibility is to turn on Hearing Aid Compatibility under Hearing Devices.
    Cant Hear Caller iPhone

These settings can help you with the high volume during calls and even if you can’t hear the caller on your iPhone. Yes, you no longer need to enable the loudspeaker. Well, some of these settings might place in different locations based on the iOS version so make sure to search for the final settings that you need to enable or disable.

Fix #4: Clean the Earpiece

Now, the earpiece is a very delicate part of your device and is prone to dust and small particles getting lodged into it. When there is too much dirt or dust, you will fail to hear any audio from it. So, always check and clean the delicate area with a soft and dry cloth. You can use a small and soft toothbrush to brush away any type of dust or dirt. For best results, blowing a little air on it will also help to clear away any dirt or grime.

Fix #5: Check if the Device is Stuck in Headphone Mode

Now, if you are someone that uses a wired or wireless pair of earphones, it could be possible that your iPhone is stuck in headphone mode. In order to fix this, you can either restart your mobile device or simply connect and then disconnect your headphones. Even after performing this task if you still cannot take your iPhone out of its Headphone mode, you will have to visit the service center and get your device checked.

And if you have an iPhone with a 3.5mm headphone jack, cleaning it with soft bud might also work.

Fix #6: Reset iPhone

If at all none of the above methods worked to fix this issue, you might have to perform a factory reset of your iPhone to see if it fixes the issue. Do note that when you perform a  factory reset for your iPhone, you will lose any data that has not been backed up to your PC or your iCloud storage. So make sure to perform a backup of all of your data before proceeding with the factory reset. Now, follow these steps to perform a reset of your iPhone.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Now, tap on General, followed by Transfer or Reset iPhone.
    Cant Hear Caller iPhone
  • Tap on Reset. You will see two options to choose from.
  • Select the option that says Erase iPhone.
    Cant Hear Caller iPhone
  • Confirm that you wish to erase all data and now let your iPhone perform a reset.
  • Once the reset has been performed, check and see if the issue exists anymore. If it doesn’t, the problem has been solved.

And this is how you can solve the issue. And if non of the fix worked for you, there is a high possibility of this issue being caused because of hardware failure. So, it is advisable to send your device to the service center after you have performed a factory reset and notice that the issue persists. If your device is in warranty and hasn’t been damaged by any accidents or anything that would void the warranty, you will be eligible to get a replacement for your defective iPhone.

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