How to take Screenshot on iPhone without using buttons [Guide]

You have broken iPhone buttons and want to take a screenshot? Say no more, here’s how to take screenshot on iPhone without using buttons.

Normally, you can take a screenshot on iPhone using the appropriate combination of physical buttons on your device. Depending on your iPhone model, this may involve pressing the Side and Volume Up buttons, the Home and side buttons, or the Home and top buttons at the same time.

If some of those buttons are broken or you have a physical condition that prevents you from doing so, there are other ways to take screenshots on an iPhone.

Take Screenshots with AssistiveTouch

iPhones have an accessibility feature called AssistiveTouch that makes it easy to complete tasks without using physical buttons, but with an onscreen menu. It also lets you trigger a screenshot in several different ways.

To enable AssistiveTouch:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Now tap on “Accessibility”
  • Tap on “Touch”
  • Tap on AssistiveTouch
  • Turn on “AssistiveTouch”
how to take screenshot on iphone without using buttons

After turning on AssistiveTouch, you’ll immediately see a button near the edge of your screen. This button will always remain on the screen unless you turn off AssistiveTouch. You can place it anywhere you want by dragging it with your finger.

Now, whenever you want to take a screenshot, tap on the AssistiveTouch button, you will now see that the button changes to a pop-up menu. In the menu, choose Device > More, and then tap on “Screenshot.”

how to take screenshot on iphone without using buttons

There’s one more way to take screenshots. Go to the AssistiveTouch settings page. Scroll down on the page till you see the “Custom Actions” section. Here, you can choose what happens if you single-tap, double-tap, long-press, or 3D Touch on the onscreen AssistiveTouch button.

You can choose any one of these options, but we will pick “3D Touch” for this example.

After choosing the Custom Action of your choice, you will now see a list of actions. Scroll down and tap “Screenshot” and then go back.

You can now trigger a screenshot just by performing the custom action that you chose. In our example case, if we 3D Touch on the new AssistiveTouch icon, the iPhone will take a screenshot.

This is one of the easiest ways you can use to take screenshots on iPhone or iPad without using the physical buttons.

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