How to Search Bookmarks in Google Chrome on Android and Windows

The internet is filled with a ton of stuff that you can read through or view. It might have sometimes an interesting story, or maybe a funny image. At times, you might even come across a particular website for the first time and decide that you liked it. So, what do you do? You write all of these down and save them? No! Saving them as a bookmark is what you should be doing.

Google Chrome, one of the most popular browsers on Android as well as Windows PCs lets you save and even create new bookmarks. What happened when you have too many bookmarks? It becomes a headache to search through them. Here is a guide on how you can search bookmarks in Google Chrome on Android and Windows.

You can always arrange your bookmarks in folders and have them neatly organized. But if you are a person that just spots something nice and adds it to a bookmark like how most users do, it is fine. It only becomes a headache when you realize that you have a bit too many of them. There are a few ways that you can follow to search for bookmarks on Google Chrome running on and Android and Windows devices.

How to Search Bookmarks in Google Chrome on Windows Device

There are a few ways that you can follow to look for Bookmarks in Chrome on a Windows PC. All of these are super simple and easy to follow.

Use the Address Bar

The first simple way to look for Bookmarks is by entering the bookmarks flag on your Google Chrome browser. Simply type in chrome://bookmarks and hit the enter key. You will see all the bookmarks you have created. You can even search through the bookmarks and visit the right one.

how to search bookmarks in google chrome

Use the Bookmarks Bar

Google Chrome has this simple yet easy way to see your bookmarks. The Bookmarks bar is a neat little stripe that sits right under the address bar. Sometimes, while saving a bookmark, it might have asked if you wish to add it to the bookmarks bar. If you cannot see the bookmarks bar, simply press the Control + Shift + B keys to show or hide the bookmarks bar. Now, not all bookmarks will be displayed, just the recent ones. However, you can even manage the bar and display which ones you want to be shown on the bar.

Use the Bookmarks Manager

You can also use another way to access the Bookmarks on Google Chrome. Follow these steps.

how to search bookmarks in google chrome
  1. At the right side of the browser, below the close, minimize and maximize buttons, you will see the three-dot menu. Click on it.
  2. A pop-up menu will appear.
  3. Select Bookmarks followed by Bookmarks Manager.
  4. You will now be taken to the same screen as seen in the first method itself.
  5. You can search or add bookmarks and even delete some if you wish.

How to Search Bookmarks in Google Chrome on Android

Google Chrome is a browser that comes pre-installed on almost all Android phones and Tablets. It automatically becomes the preferred browser for most users. And, if you use Chrome on Android often, chances are high that there might be at least a ton of Bookmarks created by yourself spending on how long you have been using the browser.

Use the Bookmarks Flag

Just like on the pc version of the browser, you can use the bookmarks flag. Simply open up the Chrome browser and type in Chrome://Bookmarks. It will show you all the bookmarks that you have created on your Android device.

Use Bookmarks Menu

You can also use the traditional way of accessing the Bookmarks on your Android device on the Google Chrome browser.

  1. Tap on the three dots at the top right of the screen.
  2. A menu will pop up on the right side of the screen.
  3. Now, tap on the Bookmarks option.
    how to search bookmarks in google chrome
  4. Here you will see two folders. Mobile Bookmarks and Bookmarks Bar.
    how to search bookmarks in google chrome
  5. Select whichever folder you like and scroll through the list.
  6. If you have signed in with the same Google Account in Chrome on your PC and Android browsers, then you will see that your bookmarks have been synced right away.


And these are the simple ways to search for your bookmarks in Google Chrome whether it is an Android or Windows device. There is no need to add a separate Bookmarks Manager extension or for that matter even a third-party software to do all of this. Google Chrome lets you search through your bookmarks easily. We hope this guide has helped you in searching for your bookmarks on the Google Chrome browser.

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