How to Insert a PDF into Google Slides [Definitive Guide]

Each one of us has created a presentation either in school, college or even at our workplace. The slides would contain text, images, and some audio clips or even a video file. These would be the only things that you would want to have in your slide. Sure, nobody thought about inserting PDF files back then because it wasn’t something anyone cared about. However, times have changed and you will find a lot of documents these days come in PDFs as standard. And, if you have been wondering how to insert a PDF file into Google Slides, read on to know more.

PDF files might contain data such as pie charts, tables, graphs, or for that matter images and other important text. You could re-create the graphs and then insert them into Google Slides, but, why should you waste all that time and effort into recreating something already available. Now, Google Sides does not have an option to insert PDF files, but there is a workaround to get it done. So here is a guide on how to insert PDF files into Google Slides.

Insert PDF Files into Google Slides

There are many add-ons for different things but sadly there’s no add-on for Google Slides do not have any Insert PDF add on to make things easy for users. Fair enough because there might be a really small group of people who want such a feature. Anyways, if you are someone who wants to add a PDF file into their Slides follow these instructions

Steps to insert PDF into Google Slides

  1. Open up Google Slides and prepare your presentation.
  2. When it comes to adding your PDF file to your slide, first you will need to take a look at it.
  3. Go through your PDF file and see how many pages does it contain.
  4. If it has something between 3 to 5 pages and you need to insert a certain page of the PDF, simply take a screenshot.
  5. You can head here to see how you can take screenshots on your Windows PC.
  6. However, if your PDF has a large number of pages, then you might want to simply make use of an online PDF converter.
  7. I Love PDF is one of the best online PDF converters available. People use it on an everyday basis since it’s free and simple to use.
  8. Simply visit the online converter by clicking here.
  9. Now, select the PDF to JPG option. You will be asked to upload the PDF file. You can either drag and drop or click on the Select PDF button.
    how to insert a pdf into google slides
  10. Once your PDF file has been uploaded, you can now choose between extracting images that are inside the PDF or converting each page into an image.
    how to insert a pdf into google slides
  11. Once you have selected your preferred choice, click on the convert to JPG button.
  12. The conversion process will be quick and you should see the red download JPG images button right away.
  13. Download your image files to your PC. It will be in a ZIP file that you will have to extract to view the images.
    how to insert a pdf into google slides
  14. With the folder extracted, head over to Google Slides.
  15. To insert the images, simply click on Insert on the menu bar. Now, select Image followed by Upload from Computer.
    how to insert a pdf into google slides
  16. You will be asked to browse for the images that you wish to upload. Simply select it and insert them into your Google Slides file.
    how to insert a pdf into google slides
  17. That’s it.


And that is how you can insert a PDF file into Google Slides, Sure it technically isn’t inserting a PDF file but ages of a PDF. A workaround is a workaround and this is a pretty good one at that. If you have to upload only one particular part of the PDF into your Google Slides file, all you need to do is simply take a screenshot of that page, crop it and then insert it as a regular image in your presentation.

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If you still have any query on how to insert a PDF into Google Slides, then leave a comment in below comment section. Also, share this article with your friends.

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