How to Reset Sharp Smart TV Easily [Guide] (4 Methods)

Ever found your TV behaving a bit weird or not functioning properly? Now, it could happen due to a firmware update that was recently installed that could be glitching out. Sometimes, even if there is no software update, the TV could run into some issues, such as problems with the sound or maybe a feature not working. In this case, resetting your TV is a good option. Read to know how to reset Sharp Smart TV.

Sharp has Android as well as Roku-enabled smart TVs. We all know the benefits of having TVs with such OS. You get to watch a lot more content using your internet connection and a subscription plan. No matter what your TV is priced at, some sort of bugs will always show up and cause some kind of trouble with your TV. It is common for things like this to happen. Also, most of these issues can be easily resolved by performing a reset instead of taking it over to the service center. So, if you are looking around how to reset your Sharp Smart TV, here is a guide on how you can perform resets easily.

How to Reset Sharp TV

Before we begin, there are two kinds of resets, a hard reset, and a soft reset. This can be done on Android and RokuOS Sharp TVs. Hard Resets will clear out all of your data which you will have to set up just like how it came from the showroom.

How to Soft Reset Sharp Smart TV

You can easily perform a soft reset on your Sharp TV if you find some sort of issue that you think didn’t get cleared off by restarting the TV. To this, power off your Sharp smart TV and he disconnect it from the power source. You can wait between 30 seconds to a minute and then reconnect the Tv back to its power source. This is the best way to reset if you find some issues with your Sharp TV.

How to Hard Reset Sharp Android Smart TV

If you have the Google-powered Sharp Android smart TV, then it is a simple yet easy process to reset. Here is how you do it.

how to reset sharp tv
  1. Power on your Sharp Android smart TV.
  2. While on the home screen, navigate to the Settings Gear icon that is on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the Settings icon.
  4. The Settings menu will now open up, under General section, you will need to scroll down a bit more until you see the reset option.
  5. Click on the Factory Reset – TV option and then choose the Erase Everything option.
  6. Your Sharp TV will now power off and restart itself.
  7. It will display a screen stating that it is erasing all of the data.
  8. Once the data has been erased, the TV will restart and you will see the Android logo show up.
  9. You will get the Welcome screen where you will be asked to go through the one-time setup screen.
  10. Here is where you set up your TV, connect to the WiFi and sign in with your Google account. 
  11. Once all of it is done you should now be ready to use the TV right away.

How to Hard Reset RokuOS Sharp TV

If you have one of those Sharp smart TVs that are powered by RokuOS, performing s reset on such TVs is simple and very easy.

  1. Power up your RokuOS Sharp Tv and press the Home button on the remote.
  2. You will now be taken to the Settings menu of your Roku TV.
  3. Once you select System, select Advanced System Settings that is on the right-hand panel.
  4. Once you have selected it, you will need to press the right arrow button to go to the next menu.
  5. Select the Factory Reset option.
  6. Now, you need to select Factory Reset Everything
  7. Once there, you will be asked to enter the4 digit pin.
  8. The code will be displayed on the screen itself. Simply enter the same code.
  9. Once you click on the OK button, you are now good to go.
  10. The reset process will now begin. It can take some time to complete. Once done, the system will restart and you will get the one-time setup screen where you set up everything for your RokuOS TV.

How to Reset Sharp Smart TV [Old Models]

If you might be having a really old Sharp smart TV from 2013-2014 or even older, you can perform a reset on those TVs as well. It’s a very simple process, but you will need to have the remote with you. Here is how you do it.

Method 1

  1. Power on the Sharp TV and press the Menu button.
  2. Now, scroll over to Initial Setup and select the Reset option.
  3. It will now ask if you wish to delete all data and reset your smart TV. Select yes from the message popup.
  4. The TV will now display a message that it is deleting all data and will restart as soon as it is completed
  5. Once the TV restarts, the reset has been completed and you can go ahead continuing with the one-time setup screen.

Method 2

  1. Disconnect your TV from its power source.
  2. Now, press the Volume Down and Input buttons on the side panel of your Sharp TV.
  3. Keeping the buttons pressed, you will need to connect the TV back to its power source.
  4. The TV should now power on. Keep the buttons pressed till you see the letter K and troubleshoot text on the screen.
  5. After the letter K pops up, you will need to press the channel down and volume down button to bring up the service menu.
  6. Now, use the remote to navigate through the service menu pages and find the reset option.
  7. Select the reset option to begin the reset on your Sharp TV.
  8. Alternatively, you can press 9,9,9,2,2,2 on your remote while in the service menu. This should trigger the reset process on your Sharp TV.


So, there you have it, four different ways that you can use to reset your Sharp smart TV depending on the kind of Sharp smart TV you are using. These steps are simple and very easy to follow. It should take you less than four minutes to get your TV to reset and even set it up back to normal.

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If you might have any issues, you can leave a comment at the bottom. Also, let us know which method worked the best for your particular Sharp smart TV.

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