How to Ping a Cell Phone from a Computer

With the advancement of technology and tons of new apps that provide various kinds of functionality exist, there is always an app for everything. From social media to photography to note-taking, it’s all available. Now, if you wish to track or ping a cell phone, there are quite a lot of apps available to use on mobile devices themselves. What if, you wanted to ping an Android device from a computer? Well, today’s guide is all about how to ping a cell phone from a computer.

There are many reasons why you would want to ping a cell phone. If it is on the same network as your other devices and computers, you can check if your particular device is having any sorts of network connection issues and then look around for a resolution to fix such an issue. It helps in identifying if there is an issue with the device or a particular website or the internet itself in general. 

With mobile apps, you can ping a cell phone to find out its current location, device state, and even network connection. These apps come under the tracking software category. These apps are legal and are used by parents to track their children or any relatives or loved ones for that matter. But today it’s all about using a computer to ping a cell phone, so let’s get started.

How to Ping a Cell Phone

You can ping a cell phone from whatsoever system you are running be it a Windows, Mac, or even a Chrome OS system. The method is quite easy. All you need is to go through the complete guide for getting familiar with the process. The methods are a bit different yet simple and easy to follow. We have broken down the steps into sections so that you can easily get the steps.

Get your cell phone’s IP address

How to Ping a Cell Phone

You can easily get the IP address of your device by heading over to the Settings app and scrolling all the way down to the About Phone section. Simply tap on it and then tap on Status (The placement of Status settings can vary as per different OEMs). You will then see the IP address of your device both IPv4 and IPv6. This method works for about all Android phones.

How to Ping a Phone

If you have an iPhone, then simply head over to the Settings, followed by Wi-Fi. Tap on the Wi-Fi network that you are connected to and you will see your iPhone’s IP address.

Ping Cell phone from Windows system

No matter what Windows OS your system is running be it Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or even the new insider build of Windows 11, the method is the same and it works just how it is intended to.

  1. Open the command or CMD windows on your PC. You can search for it in the start menu or you can simply press the Windows and the R key and enter cmd in the search box and hit enter.
    How to Ping a Phone
  2. Now, simply type in the word “ping” followed by the IP address of your iPhone or Android device. Eg. ping
    How to Ping a Cell Phone
  3. Your system will now ping the IP address with a sizeable amount of data packets.
  4. It shows you how many packets have been sent or received and lost if any.
    How to Ping a Cell Phone
  5. You can also see the average round trip times that are measured in milliseconds.
  6. The whole process takes you less than a minute to execute and receive the results.

Ping Cell phone from MacOS system

You can also ping a cell phone from any macOS system. To know how to ping a cell phone from macOS simply follow these steps.

  1. Open Finder on your Mac followed by Applications. If not, simply press the Command and A key to bring the applications list.
  2. Now, double click on Utilities and then the Terminal app.
  3. In the terminal app, simply type in ping followed by the IP address of your Android or iOS device. Eg. ping
  4. The results shown will be in a similar manner to that of the Windows system.

Ping Cell phone from ChromeOS systems

You can also send a ping from any ChromeOS system very easily. Because it’s a Google-developed OS one might expect an app to be available on the PlayStore in Chrome OS to get this work done. However, it is better if you would simply make use of the built-in command prompt app.

  1. To open up the command prompt on ChromeOS simply press the ctrl, alt, and T keys to open it up.
  2. Now type in ping followed by the cell phone’s IP address. Eg. ping
  3. Press enter to begin connection tests as well as the results after the test.

And that’s it, with these simple ways you can ping a cell phone from a system running any of the above-mentioned operating systems. It is easy and helpful in many cases.

So there you have the complete guide on how to ping a phone with the use of various other platforms. I hope you find the guide useful. In case of any queries, let us know in the comment section.

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