What is Tiny10 and How to Install Windows 10 Lite (Tiny10) on any PC

Microsoft’s Windows is a popular and widely used operating system in a variety of places. Now, apart from Windows, there are other operating systems that users would switch to, because of simple reasons. I mean, if you have used Windows 10 from the day it was launched, you might have noticed that with every new version, you would be getting new features as well as even more bugs and problems. No one wants to use an OS that is simply creating a terrible experience for a user, right? What if, we told you there was a better version of Windows 10? Today, we will be talking about Tiny10. Read on to know everything about it.

While Windows 10 is filled with a ton of services that the average user doesn’t care about, it has also been slowing down a number of systems. Apart from the slowdowns and errors, the bloatware can also be a reason why your system’s resources are always used to the max at all times. Also the older the computer, the slower Windows 10 tends to perform no matter how good the hardware was at a certain point in time. Well, to solve all of your woes and issues, here comes Tiny10 to breathe fresh life into your Windows PC.

What is Tiny10 (or Windows 10 Lite)?

Tiny10 is a lite version of Windows 10 that has been developed by an individual developer @ntdev. The same developer has put out a number of projects that deal with lite versions of the Windows OS that you can check out on his YouTube Channel. With a lite version of Windows 10, you will be having a smoother experience of Windows on your PC- whether it’s an older one or a new one.

With Tiny10, you can expect better performance, fewer system resources usage, and above all, a smaller installation footprint on your storage drives. Tiny10 is good for those who simply used a system for basic stuff such as some office programs or maybe just to stream from your favorite OTT services.

Tiny10 can also be installed on either 32-bit or 64-bit systems, which is a good thing considering a lot of OSs out there are only providing support for 64-bit systems. With Tiny10 you will get a very basic version of Windows 10 sans Microsoft Store and Windows Defender. Oh, it also skips out any web browsers including Microsoft Edge. Just because Tiny10 is a lite version of windows, that doesn’t stop you from being able to install a number of programs as well as games on your system.

how to install tiny10 on any pc

In fact, you might even tend to see better performance of the programs and games on your PC. If you are someone that has found a good use for Tiny10, you might also want to install and try it out on any of your older or aging PCs. The steps to install Tiny10 on your Windows PC have been mentioned below.

How to Install Tiny10 on any PC

  1. First off, you will need to have an 8GB USB drive that will be used to create a bootable drive.
  2. Next, you will have to install Rufus – a software utility that lets you create bootable USB drives using ISO files.
    how to create windows 11 bootable usb drive
  3. You will have to download the ISO filed for Tiny10. You can head here to download the 32-bit version and over here to download the 64-bit version.
  4. With the right iso file downloaded, launch Rufus,
  5. Plug in the USB drive and click on the Select button in Rufus.
  6. You will have to navigate to the location of the downloaded ISO file.
  7. Once all of it is done, simply click on the Start button in Rufus.
  8. Rufus will begin to create the Tiny10 USB bootable drive.
  9. Apart from that, it would be advisable to download the setup file for a web browser that you use often. This is needed because Tiny10, as I said earlier, has no web browser included in the OS.
  10. Once you are ready, unplug the USB drive and plug it into the system that you wish to install Tiny10.
  11. With the drive plugged in, power it up and keep pressing the key that leads you to the boot menu of your system.
  12. The system should now boot into the setup of Tiny10.
  13. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to proceed along with the setup.
  14. With the setup completed in a certain amount of time, you will be taken right into Tiny10’s desktop.
    how to install tiny10 on any pc
  15. Now, all you need to do is install the web browser and do whatever you wish to do with your PC running Tiny10.


Ad there you have it. The lite version of the chunky Windows 10 OS runs perfectly on your PC. While it is a great version of the OS that has no bloatware and unwanted services running in the background, you will have to install your preferred antivirus program to keep your system safe. So, what do you think about Tiny10? Do you think Microsoft should release a lite version of their OS for those who run low-end systems? And, would you be someone who is keen on replacing the regular Windows 10 OS with Tiny10 as a daily driver? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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