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Windows 365 Cloud PCs coming to Windows 11. Yes, a recent insider update and Microsoft itself has revealed that they will be integrating Windows 11 and Windows 365 cloud PCs. This is going to be a great integration, especially for organizations. Do you know what it means, with all the cloud features you will also get the new wallpapers of Windows 365. Here you can download Windows 365 Wallpapers before integration.

Cloud PCs are mainly used in Organizations where Citrix is popular for accessing Cloud PCs. But Microsoft plans to deliver it directly to Windows 11 users. Users will be able to access assigned or self configured or self hosted cloud PCs from their Windows 11 PC.

One of the best features that will come with integration is that users will be able to boot directly into the Windows 365 cloud PC without booting into the local Windows 11. And in case it gets disconnected it will give you the option to use it offline and once the connection is restored the progress will be synced to the cloud PC.

Microsoft will also integrate the Microsoft 365 option in the Task View from where you can easily switch between Windows 11 and Cloud PC. Yes, it means you can use gestures to switch between them. And as we mentioned earlier Microsoft 365 wallpaper also comes with this integration that you can download from here.

Windows 365 Cloud Wallpapers

The bloom wallpaper is a popular and also an identity for Windows 11. We have seen a bunch of wallpaper inspired by the Windows 11 bloom wallpaper. And in Windows 365, it is the same case. Yes, Windows 365 wallpaper is similar to Windows 11 wallpaper but with some color modifications. But it looks cool so you must give it a try. Also thanks to Mostafa_Walid a Reddit user, for a dark version of it. Remember it is not new wallpaper, it has been available in Windows 365 for a long time. Also, there are 3 more wallpapers that are part of the Microsoft 365 theme for Microsoft Edge (Source).

If you want to check wallpapers before downloading them, then check out the preview section below.

Note: Below are the preview images of the wallpapers and just for the representation. Preview is not in the original quality so don’t download from images. Use the download link given in the download section below.

Windows 365 Wallpapers Preview

Download Windows 365 Wallpapers

Including the Dark version and Microsoft 365 Edge theme, there are a total of 5 wallpapers that you get to download from this section. All the wallpapers are available in high resolution and high quality as this is very important, especially for devices with big displays. You can download Microsoft 365 wallpaper from Google Drive and Google Photos.

Once downloaded, head over to the downloads folder, and choose the wallpaper you want to set on your Smartphone or other devices. Open it and then tap on the three-dots menu icon to set the wallpaper. That’s it.

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