How to Fix Fingerprint Issue on Google Pixel Fold [8 Methods]

Having trouble registering your fingerprint or unlocking your Pixel Fold with your fingerprint, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we will be sharing a bunch of methods that you can follow to fix the fingerprint unlock issue on your Pixel Fold.

The Pixel Fold features a side-mounted fingerprint sensor integrated into the Power button, rather than an in-display fingerprint sensor for obvious reasons. Many Pixel phone models are caught in situations where the fingerprint reader does not work and keeping in mind the history of the same, we are sharing some troubleshooting methods that will help you fix fingerprint problems on your Pixel Fold.

Pixel Fold Guide:

Fix Google Pixel Fold Fingerprint Issues

Since the Pixel Fold has a side-mounted fingerprint reader and not on the display, some of the problem-causing factors have already been ruled out like screen protector issues, multi-point touch, and some other display related issues. But there can be some problems with the side-mounted fingerprint as well. So let’s move on to the ways to fix Google Pixel fold fingerprint problems.

How to Fix Fingerprint Issue on Pixel Fold

Clean Side Button

One of the common reasons why a fingerprint reader fails to detect a fingerprint is dust that has accumulated on the surface of the reader. In the Pixel Fold case, the power button/side button is used as a reader, so make sure to clean the button before applying your fingerprint to unlock the device. Of course, you don’t need to do this every time, but only when you have problems unlocking your phone with fingerprint.

Avoid Scratches on Button

The one downside to a side mounted fingerprint is that it can get some serious scratches when it comes into contact with metal or metal-like objects. So this is more like a tip rather than a troubleshooting to avoid getting stuck in situations where the fingerprint reader does not work. So make sure to protect the fingerprint button from such damage.

Re-Register your Fingerprint

If you’re experiencing fingerprint reader issues on your Pixel Fold, this is the first software troubleshooting you should try. As we know every device ask users to set pin or pattern lock with fingerprint or face lock to avoid situations like fingerprint issue. So unlock your Pixel Fold using a PIN or pattern and then follow the steps to re-register your fingerprint.

  1. Swipe up from the homescreen to bring the App Drawer and open Settings.
    How to Fix Fingerprint Issue on Pixel Fold
  2. Under Settings, scroll down until you find Security & Privacy settings. Tap on it.
    How to Fix Fingerprint Issue on Pixel Fold
  3. Here look for the Device Lock option and open it.
  4. Now choose Face & Fingerprint Unlock and enter your device PIN.
    How to Fix Fingerprint Issue on Pixel Fold
  5. Under Ways to Unlock Choose Fingerprint Unlock and delete your registered fingerprint using the Delete Icon.
    How to Fix Fingerprint Issue on Pixel Fold
  6. Then tap Add Fingerprint and register your fingerprint again, and make sure to register your finger from every angle you use.

After setting up the fingerprint, lock your Pixel Fold and try unlocking it with your fingerprint.

Add More than one Fingerprint

This is also a tip or suggestion or troubleshooting method. How? Well, you can follow this even if your fingerprint is working fine. But if there is an issue, unlock with your PIN and set more fingerprints. Here’s how to add more fingerprints.

  1. Open Settings on your Pixel Fold.
  2. Head to Security & Privacy > Device Lock > Face and Fingerprint Unlock.
  3. Here choose Fingerprint Unlock and it will show the registered fingerprint.
  4. Tap on the + or Add Fingerprint option and register another finger that can easily reach the Power button.
    Fix Google Pixel Fold Fingerprint Issues-6
  5. Repeat the adding fingerprint process as many times as it is allowed. Maximum you can add four fingerprints.
  6. Now lock your Pixel Fold and try again with another finger that you recently registered.

Restart Your Pixel Fold

Yes, the magic method fixes most of the problems. So if the above methods do not work and still your Pixel Fold is not recognizing your fingerprint, then you can restart your Pixel Fold. You can try again after restarting. Turning the power off and on fixes most temporary problems. This troubleshooting method is simple and will only take a few minutes of your time.

Update your Pixel Fold

Sometimes a buggy update could lead the fingerprint reader to not work. This happens quite often on Pixel phones. So be ready to tackle this situation.

If there is a new update for the device, make sure to wait for a couple of days and track the feedback of users. This way, you can avoid this by not updating your device.

But if you have already updated or the issue has appeared randomly, then check for the update issued by Google with a fingerprint fix. If there are known issues like this one, Google releases a fix update without much wait. But still, you need to wait for some days or you can try other methods if you don’t want to wait any longer.

Reset your Pixel Fold

If you have tried everything but nothing worked to fix the Fingerprint issue on your Pixel Fold. Then you have one last option that you can try by yourself which is formatting your device.

Remember format or reset will wipe all data from your phone. So before even thinking of this process, first take a backup of your important data so that you can recover it after a complete wipe.

You can reset Google Pixel Fold from Settings or even from the stock recovery page. After format/reset, the device will ask for your Google Account password which is a security step, so make sure you remember your account password.

Reach Out to Customer Support

If none of the troubleshooting methods worked in your case, then you will have only one option, which is to contact Pixel’s customer support. You can either visit the Pixel service center or you can contact them via a call to ask for help.

They should help you with the issue and might fix your phone for free if your Pixel Fold is under warranty.

Important Tips

  1. Don’t use fingerprints directly after coming from shower or water activity. It is because if we keep hands on water for long fingers get wrinkly until it is properly dried.
  2. Tips from you (comment down below).

So these are the methods you can follow if your Pixel Fold is not reading your fingerprint. I hope this issue doesn’t appear on your device, and if it already did, it should fix with starting methods. In case you have any queries let us know in the comment section.

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