How to Clear Cache on Samsung Phones [3 Methods]

Want to clear cache on your Samsung Galaxy phone to improve its performance and free up storage? This guide will show you how to clear cache on Samsung phones.

Any tech device which has a memory function uses the Cache feature. These are temporary data stored on the device. It is quite useful to preload contents such as pages in browsers, apps running in the background, and more. While cache is useful in many cases, browsing too many contents also stores too much cache which slows down the phone and takes too much storage.

So you should try removing cache from apps or the entire phone when you feel your phone is slowing down, an app is unresponsive, or running out of storage. This becomes quite important if you open too many websites on your browser on a regular basis.

Can you Remove Cache from your Samsung phone?

Yes, you can easily clear cache from your Samsung phone. And there are multiple ways to remove cache from any app on a Samsung phone or from the entire device. It works just like any other Android phone.

Reasons to Remove Cache on Samsung Phone

  • To clear storage and make space for other contents
  • Speed up your phone
  • Fix frozen app/unresponsive app

As I mentioned earlier there are more than one ways to clear cache on Samsung phones. Let’s find out about all methods.

How to Clear Cache of an App on Samsung Phone

Each app has some cached data and when combined together it makes a large amount of unnecessary data. Unfortunately, you have to clear cache of each app one by one. But you can sort apps list by their sizes and then you can clear cache of the app that is taking up too much space on your phone. Here’s how to clear cache of an App on Samsung phone.

  1. On your Samsung phone open Settings. You can open it from App drawer or Quick Settings.
  2. Now look for the Apps option and open it. It will show all installed apps.
    How to Clear Cache on Samsung Phones
  3. Tap on the filter icon and then sort the list by Size. This way you can see apps that are taking up too much space on top.
    How to Clear Cache on Samsung Phones
  4. Tap the app of which you want to clear cache and then select Storage.
    How to Clear Cache on Samsung Phones
  5. Under storage, you will find the Clear Cache option tap it to clear cache of that app.
    How to Clear Cache on Samsung Phones
  6. Now go back to the apps list and follow the same process for each app.

Should you Clear Data of Apps?

No, you shouldn’t clear Apps data if you want to keep its files. You may have seen the Clear Data option next to Clear Cache under the storage option. So you might be thinking can you clear data as well? But first, you need to understand how it works. Clearing the Data of an App will erase everything related to the app and start the app just like a new app. For example, if you have downloaded a movie on Netflix for offline watching, it will be deleted when you clear data. So only clear data when you want to use the app from the start.

Clear Cache on Samsung Phones using Device Care

Device Care is a useful feature on Samsung phones. And using this feature you can clear background cache instantly. Here’s how to use it.

  1. Open Settings on your Samsung phone.
  2. Scroll down and tap Battery and Device Care.
    How to Clear Cache on Samsung Phones
  3. It will show your Device details like Storage, Memory, and more.
  4. Here all you need to do is tap on Optimize Now. And it will do its job.
    How to Clear Cache on Samsung Phones

How to Clear Cache and Cookies from Apps on Samsung Phone

There are apps like browsers which has an inbuilt option to clear cache and data. To know if an app has Cache setting, all you need to do is explore integrated app settings. You can find the Cache option in Browsers, Wallpaper apps, and more. Here’s how to clear cache on Chrome browser which is the most used browser on Android phones.

  1. Open Chrome browser on your Phone.
  2. Tap on three dots and select the History option.
    How to Clear Cache on Samsung Phones
  3. Now under History, choose Clear browsing data.
    How to Clear Cache on Samsung Phones
  4. Here you can select the data that you want to delete and the time range. Select according to your preference.
  5. And at last tap on Clear Data.
    How to Clear Cache on Samsung Phones

If you are clearing cache to make space on your phone, then you should also look for other options such as removing big files, duplicate files, images that are not required, and more. You can easily see duplicate files by following the tip.

Tip: Open the default Files app that comes pre-installed on the phone. Tap on Analyze storage and there you will find a Duplicate files section. And from here you can delete duplicate files.

So that’s all on how to clear cache on Samsung phones. If you have any queries you can ask in the comment section.

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