[v1.0.8 available] PhoneWalls App by YTECHB released for Android (Download Now)

Looking for a platform where you can access all Stock Wallpapers without the need to invest time in searching wallpapers. Obviously, the first choice is everyone’s favorite YTECHB. And we are happy to share that we published our official App called PhoneWalls. Just like our website you can also get Stock Wallpapers on our App. Yes, now you can easily download any Wallpaper that you need with just a few clicks. Here we will guide you about the PhoneWalls Android app.

PhonesWalls is an Android app with a big collection of Stock Wallpapers from different brands like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, LG, and many other brands. We took this step after getting recommendations from our daily visitors. We are always open to suggestions and recommendations from you, so if you have ideas or recommendations then feel free to share with us in the comment section.

The app is only available on the Android platform for now, but we are looking forward to extending it for iOS also. It is now more than a week since our App PhoneWalls available on the Play Store. And we are sharing this after analyzing App reviews on Play Store. And we are happy that most of you liked the app. If you haven’t tried our PhoneWalls app till now, then make sure to check it out.

Download PhoneWalls App (Free)

PhoneWalls App Features

The app comes with all the necessary features that a Wallpaper app should have. We had quite a few options on choosing different App interfaces and we picked up the basic and easiest UI. So that everyone can easily use the app without any instructions. Below you can find all the notable features of the App.

  • Download Wallpapers – I think this is the basic feature that everyone needs on their Wallpaper apps. And with PhoneWalls you can easily download any Wallpaper by just tapping on the Download icon.
  • Categories – Every user wants to easily browse wallpapers from their favorite brand. And so how can we leave this feature? In PhoneWalls you get a Categories section where you can get Samsung Stock Wallpapers, LG Stock Wallpapers, Google Stock Wallpapers, Xiaomi Stock Wallpapers, Realme Stock Wallpapers, Oppo Stock Wallpapers, Vivo Stock Wallpapers, Redmi Stock Wallpapers, iPhone Stock Wallpapers, Apple Stock Wallpapers, and more. PhoneWalls Android App
  • Favorite – What if you like any Wallpaper and want to access it without browsing or scrolling in the App? For this, we have a Favorite section for you. You can mark any Wallpaper as a Favorite and get it on different sections for quick actions.
  • Search – I think without a search option any App is incomplete. The search option reduces the effort and time to get any specific wallpapers. Such as if you like Samsung Galaxy S20 Wallpaper then you don’t need to scroll and find S20 Wallpaper, instead you can directly search by device name and get all of its Wallpapers. PhoneWalls Android App
  • Apply Wallpapers – In case if you want to try and test which Wallpaper best suits your display, then you can test by applying the Wallpaper directly to homescreen and lockscreen.
  • Dark Mode – Dark Mode is one of the best features on Android but Apps must also support the dark mode to enjoy system-wide dark mode. After applying dark mode you get another option to switch to AMOLED Dark Mode for pure black. PhoneWalls Android App
  • Small App – PhoneWalls comes in a very reasonable app size which is around 3MB. So even if you have limited data you can download or update the app on your phone.
  • High-Resolution Wallpapers – All Stock Wallpapers in PhoneWalls are available in high resolution. You can use Stock Wallpapers on any phone with up to 4K display. PhoneWalls Android App

The list of features goes on like a smooth and clean user interface, save the wallpaper for offline use, and more.

We push notifications after updating wallpapers so that you stay up to date with the latest wallpapers.

Download PhoneWalls Stock Wallpaper App

You can get our official Wallpaper app on the Android platform. We also upload exclusive wallpapers on our App which is free and available for all phones. The app is completely free and available on the Play Store. PhoneWalls app is also available in the Amazon app store if you use Amazon Kindle devices. So if you are interested to try out the new PhoneWalls wallpaper App then you can use the below PlayStore link.

The app will give you a snappier user interface for a better user experience. This is a small effort from our team to provide you the best and easy possible way to get stock wallpapers. It will save your time and also you don’t have to hassle on the web anymore. 

If you think that we can improve or add something to the app then feel free to drop your suggestion in the comment section.

Also if you like our PhoneWalls wallpaper app then make sure to review it on the PlayStore and give your feedback. We will keep updating the app on a regular basis so that you can use the app without worrying about support for the latest Android versions.

For a better user experience we have mentioned one suggestion below in the note.

Note: Please make sure to clear cache and data after updating the App or if you see any loading issues.

PhoneWalls Update v1.0.8

A new update available for PhoneWalls app with bug fixes and performance improvement. The latest PhoneWalls app is available with version 1.0.8. And it brings the support for Android 11.

Android 11 is the latest Android version and soon most of the devices will be running on it. And so to provide better user experience we expanded its support for Android 11. It means you can enjoy the PhoneWalls app on your Android 11 device.

Our PhoneWalls team is near 100K and we are very proud of all PhoneWalls members. Thanks to all users for their support and positive feedback which gives us inspiration to improve the app regularly.

So there you have it the complete information about our new PhoneWalls wallpaper app to get the latest stock wallpapers. If you have any questions regarding the app, then let us know in the comment section.

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