How to Watch and Download Hulu Content Offline

Being able to watch your favorite shows as and when you want is a great benefit of subscribing to the plans of various streaming services. You only for what you want to watch and can also cancel it at any time that you wish. Now, a number of streaming services such as Hulu, let you download your favorite shows and movies that you can watch at a later time. This is particularly useful when you might be traveling around and have poor internet connections or it could also be that you might be going to a place where there is no WiFi connection. Today, we will be taking a look at how to watch Hulu offline.

The concept of making shows and movies offline has been around for a long time. Having the option of downloading help in reducing the amount of data being used plus, you can also choose the video quality that you wish to download. However, not every device that lets you stream Hulu will let you download and view content offline. If you stream Hulu on an Android, Apple, or on the Fire Tablet by Amazon, this is the guide for you.

How to Watch Hulu Offline

Before we go about how to download and view content offline on Hulu, you need to know if your device supports offline downloading by Hulu. Here is the list of devices that lets you download content for offline viewing.

Android Devices

For those who use Android phones and tablets, you should be running Android 5.0 or newer and your device should have a screen resolution of 800x400p or greater.

Apple Devices

Whether you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, the device should be running on iOS 13 or newer. This means that anything newer than the iPhone 5S, iPad gen 6, and the iPod gen 6

Amazon Devices

The following Amazon Fire Tablets are supported to download content from Hulu

  • Fire – 5th generation+
  • Fire HD 10 – 5th generation+
  • Fire HD 6 – 4th generation+
  • Fire HD 7 – 4th generation+
  • Fire HD 8 – 5th generation+
  • Fire HDX 8.9″ – 4th generation+

How to Download Hulu Content for Offline Watching

Now that you know what devices support downloading Hulu content offline, let’s take a look at how you can download your content offline on any of the supported devices.

how to watch hulu offline
  1. Connect your device to the internet using either cellular data or a WiFi Network.
  2. If you are downloading using your mobile data, tap on Settings followed by download.
  3. Over here you will see the cellular Downloading option.
  4. Simply switch the toggle to On to all Hulu to download content using mobile data.
  5. Now, launch the Hulu app on your respective device and tap on the Search bar.
  6. Under the search bar, select the Downloadable option.
  7. Hulu will now display all the content that can be downloaded to your device.
  8. There is a large collection of movies and shows that you can pick to download and have on your device for offline viewing.
  9. If you see a movie that you like, tap on it and then tap on the Downloads page.
  10. If there is a TV show that you like, tap on it and then select the episode you want and then finally select Download.
  11. The app will begin to download the content you want to watch for offline viewing.

You can access all the downloaded content on Hulu by tapping on the Downloads menu. Similarly, if you wish to delete the downloaded content, simply open the download page and tap on Edit. All you need to do is to select the content you wish to delete and then finally tap on the trash icon. All of your content will now be deleted from the Hulu app.


And this is how you can download your movies and shows from the Hulu app to view later or to watch offline when you are out and about. It’s a simple process and shouldn’t take you much time to figure out how to download. Depending on your internet speeds, the downloads can either be fast or they can be slow. Also, it is recommended to have a good amount of storage space available if you want to download Hulu content to your device. Also, these downloads will expire after a certain period of time. So when they do, you will have to download them again.

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