How to Change Font Color, Background Color, Increase Text Size in CMD on Windows 10

CMD is a command-line interface for Windows operating systems and it allows users to perform various functions. Later with Windows 7, Microsoft added PowerShell which is a more powerful tool for Windows OS. But still, most of us prefer CMD as we are familiar with the code used for operations. If you are using CMD with default user interface settings, it’s time to change the interface for a fresh look. Here you will know how to change font size, font color in CMD or Command Prompt.

CMD is a way to go if you are looking for tasks like adb commands, fastboot commands, extracting files immediately, downloading files from links, and many other complex tasks. But for all tasks, you have to deal with the same interface including smaller fonts. Some users like small fonts but many prefer bigger fonts. And so, this guide lets you help increase text size on the Command window.

How to Change Font Size, Font Color and CMD Background

The CMD comes with a basic black and white theme, unlike the new PowerShell which gives a refreshing look. But if you want, you can also modify the CMD user interface on Windows. Fortunately, there are options to tweak CMD font size, font color, and CMD background color with a few simple steps.

How to Change Font Size in CMD

You only need to change three properties to get a new look in Command Prompt. If you invest more time in CMD for your work, this guide will definitely make your tasks easier.

I will split the guide in different methods so that you can easily configure the CMD tool according to your preference. Let’s start with changing the font size in CMD.

Steps to Increase Text Size in CMD

If you want bigger texts on CMD windows, then you can follow the steps given below.

  1. Open CMD/Command prompt on your computer.
  2. Now right click on the top bar in the CMD panel.
  3. Click on Properties in the drop-down to open CMD options.
    how to increase text size in CMD
  4. In the Console Windows properties, switch to the Font tab which will be right next to the options tab.
  5. Now you can change the CMD text size as per your preference. Also, change the CMD font type from the same tab.
    How to Change Font Size in CMD
  6. After applying the changes click on OK to continue.
  7. Open CMD and check for the changes.
  8. That’s all, now you can use Command windows with bigger texts.

Steps to Change CMD font Color and CMD font background

In case you want to change text color in CMD and CMD background color, then you can follow the guide below.

  1. Open CMD/Command prompt on your computer.
  2. Now Right-click on the top bar in the CMD panel and select the Properties option.
  3. Switch to the Color tab which will be next to Layout.
  4. Now for CMD text colors, click on the Screen Text option and pick your preferred color.
    How to Change Font Color in CMD
  5. To change the CMD background click on Screen Background and select a color.
  6. After changing colors, click on OK.
  7. Restart the Command window and you will see the changes.

Bonus: Change CMD Layout and Cursor size

If you want to also change the default layout of your command window in Windows. Then also you can do that with a similar method. Although you can change the layout after opening the CMD, no one wants to repeat the process every time. So, it is better to set the default layout as per your preference. Also, you can change the cursor size to match the CMD text size. Let’s see how to change CMD layout and CMD cursor size.

  1. Use the same steps from the previous method to open CMD properties.
  2. Under the Options tab switch to Small, Medium, or Large for Pointer size.
    How to Change Font Color in CMD
  3. Once Done, Switch to the Layout tab.
  4. Now you can set the preferred Screen Buffer Size, Window Size, and Window position.
  5. After selection, click on OK to continue.
  6. Then restart the CMD to reflect the changes.

So, this is all you have to follow for increasing text size in CMD, changing CMD font color, CMD background color, and CMD layout. This may be a basic guide but it lets you control CMD visuals. And who doesn’t prefer a good design over a boring design?

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I hope you like the guide on the command window, and if you do, then share the guide with your friends. And if you have any queries regarding the guide, then let us know in the comment section below.

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