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How to Extend C Drive Space in Windows [2 Methods]

If you are a Windows user, you must be aware of the drives and space allocations. C Drive generally contains the Windows OS and so it is the main driver for any Windows PC. The function and speed of C Drive depend on the Storage type as well as free space. It means if the C Drive is filled then you may see some decrease in performance as well. So in that case you can either free space on C Drive or extend the C Drive. Here you will know how to extend C Drive on Windows PC.

Sometimes cloning Windows to SSD replicates the same amount of space from C drive. It results in creating many drives even if you don’t want to. So if you want to allocate full volume to the C drive then you can extend the C drive. And then you can have full SSD storage just for the C Drive.

There can be many reasons for extending C Drive depending on users. And if you are here, I guess you already have a reason to extend C Drive on your PC. You are at the right place, here we will share an effective method to extend C Drive without losing data from the drive.

How to Extend C Drive Space in Windows 10

Modifying the C Drive or Windows drive can cause some serious problems if you are not aware of the process. It can even format the drive. So you need to first plan the process before making any modification in C Drive like extending C Drive.

how to extend C drive in Windows

There are multiple methods for extending C Drive space on Windows 10 without losing data. And here I am going to share two easy methods which you can use for free.

As we mentioned earlier that the extending volume for the C drive can also format your disk if you do not follow the correct process. And so to avoid any data loss, create a restore or recovery point. You can also clone your disk to avoid bootloop. Once you have the backup, you can proceed with the given methods.

Note: You can only extend the C Drive if there is additional space in the same disk. This means if you have two disks on your computer then the C Drive space can be extended only using the disk in which C Drive exists. If there is no space on that disk, don’t worry you can empty the disk space up to which you want to extend C drive and it will work fine. You can also move space from D drive to C drive if both drives belong to the same disk.

Method 1: Steps to Extend C Drive in Windows using Disk Management

Disk Management is the default tool for managing disks on computers. It makes all the disk related processes easier. And if you don’t want to use third-party softwares on your Windows PC. Then this is the method you can follow for extending C Drive space without data loss.

This is the simplest method for allocating more space to C Drive for fast performance and lag free multitasking.

  1. First, take a backup as mentioned earlier.
  2. Open Disk Management on your computer. Right-click on the Windows Start Menu and open Disk Management. Also, you can search for disk management in the Windows search bar.
  3. It will show disks and drives which are on your computer. Check where C drive is located.
  4. If there is any extra unallocated space on the same disk as the C drive then skip steps 5 to 7. And if not then follow all the steps.
  5. Right-click on any disk from which you want to allocate space on C drive. And then click on Shrink Volume.Extend C drive space in Windows
  6. Enter the amount of space that you want to unallocate from that drive for allocating to C drive.Extend C drive space in Windows
  7. Then click on Shrink and wait for the process.
  8. Now you will see unallocated space on the same disk in the C drive exists.
  9. Now right click on C Drive and click on Extend Volume > Next.
  10. Enter the amount of unallocated space that you want to allocate to C Drive and click Next > Finish.
  11. That’s it, it will now extend the C Drive space on your Windows PC.

Method 2: Steps to Extend C Drive using MiniTool Partition Wizard

This step is for users who don’t see the Extend Volume option in C Drive. Yes, some of you may not get the option to extend volume in Disk Management. So in that case you can use third-party software like MiniTool Partition Wizard. Let’s now check the steps to extend C drive if you are not able to extend C drive with unallocated space.

  1. For this method also you need to unallocate some space that you want to allocate to C drive.
  2. Follow up to step 7 from the previous method for unallocated space.
  3. Now download and install the MiniTool Partition Wizard on your computer.
  4. Open the software on your computer. It will list all the disks and drives on your computer.
  5. Find the C drive and right-click on it and then click Extend.how to extend C drive space in Windows
  6. Now select the unallocated space in ‘Take Free Space From’. Use the slider to assign the space amount.how to extend c drive space
  7. And then click OK to continue. Now click on Apply Button on the MiniTool Partition Wizard homepage.how to extend c drive space
  8. Close all other apps and files and then click on Yes to give permission. It will now take some time and extend the C Drive.
  9. That’s it, now you can check the C Drive space on the file explorer.

If you are using a Windows PC, then at some point you might need to extend the volume of any drive. And so, this guide is going to help you a lot. I hope you find the guide useful and if you did, share it with your friends.

So there you have it, the complete guide on how to extend C drive space without losing data. And in case if you have any queries regarding the guide, let us know in the comment section.

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