12 Best Games like Subnautica for Mid-Range and Low-End PCs

Open world survival games will make you want to bring out your creativity, imagination, and your strategizing skills. If you have played Subnautica, you’ll know what I’m talking about. This is a fun survival game that takes place underwater. The game shows you around the underwater floor that is filled with tons of deep-sea life and colorful corals. You also learn to manage your most important resource- oxygen. With other important things that you need to survive running out, it is up to you to collect resources and create equipment that helps you survive. If you love Subnautica, here is a list of best games like Subnautica that you can play on both mid-range and low-end PCs.

In Subnautica, you crash land into an unknown ocean left with little to no resources. You have to plan out and use your imagination as to how you plan to survive in your little Life Pod. The planet that you are on is a strange one as you take a look and explore the different and weird sea creatures as well as different structures that have been built under the sea.

The game wouldn’t be called a survival game if it’s not for the big sharks and other large creatures coming to attack you. It is games like these that make you want to perfectly plan and strategize your next moves. Read along to know about other open sword survival games like Subnautica for low end PC.

Games like Subnautica for PC

1. Green Hell

Just like how in Subnautica you are alone on in an alien sea deep down, Green Hell puts you alone in a jungle. At first glance, it might look simple, but then when you realize that the jungle is an actual Amazon Rainforest. With you by yourself, you will have to look around for food, shelter and even craft a few weapons to survive this green hell.

Games like Subnautica

Since it’s the Amazon Rainforest you will not only have to fight the weather, but also the wild animals that will always be around to hunt you as you are alone. There is no external help that can provide you with any assistance. It’s an open-world game with an ever-changing dynamic environment.

  • Developed by: Creepy Jar
  • Released: 2019
  • Steam: $24.99

2. Breathedge

Moving away from the ocean and the jungle, we now land right in Space. Yes, Breathedge is a game where you will have to learn to survive in outer space. So how do you end up alone in space? Well, you guessed it, your spaceship crashed. OF course, you will have to look out for resources and craft different items. But, you will also have to learn to survive in the crazy temperatures of space along with broken stuff floating around with you in space.

Games like Subnautica

Heck, you will also find the bodies of your passengers floating around, but they are dead. Apart from just looking around and creating to survive, you can go ahead and build your little spaceship or maybe, just drive around in a space car. Breathedge has 5 chapters for you to play and progress through. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best alternatives of Subnautica.

  • Developed by: Redruins Softworks
  • Released: 2021
  • Steam: $24.99

3. The Long Dark

The Long Dark takes you to an apocalyptic world filled with nothing except the harsh and bitter winters. The game is divided into episodes and there are 5 in total. In The Long Dark, you will get to experience a world that is stunning to look at, but harsh on you when it comes to survival and shelter. So, how do you land up in a cold area? Well, your plane crashes and you are stranded deep in the Northern Canadian wilderness.

Games like Subnautica

You will encounter a few wild animals such as bears that will come around to attack you. You will have to get yourself basic resources such as food and craft weapons that you can use to protect yourself. The game also has a survival mode where you will be able to free roam, make your own survival story, and try not to die.

  • Developed by: Hinterland Studio Inc
  • Released: 2017
  • Steam: $29.99

4. Mist Survival

Mist Survival chimes in with a virus attack paired with the infected population as well as wild animals trying to attack each other to look for food and shelter. While the title says Mist Survival, you as a player will experience some mist happening and that is when something is about to happen, But what will it be? It’s left for you to figure it out. You will find the infected people coming out during the mist, night, or when there is darkness which makes it easy for them to hunt people around.

Games like Subnautica

The game has its dynamic day and night cycle paired with all the usual mechanics that you will find in a survival game. In Mist Survival you will be able to use different weapons and even drive around in vehicles. This is a great single-player game to play and have some fun hunting and fighting various living creatures.

  • Developed by: Dimension 32 Entertainment
  • Released: 2018
  • Steam: $29.99

5. Rust

Rust is the next-pick in the list of best games like Subnautica. It is a great open-world survival game. You can craft items, build your shelter and collect enough resources to stay alive long enough. Apart from just surviving, you will also have to hunt down and kill anything and everything that comes your way. Doesn’t matter what it is an animal or a bird. The added fun is when you can play online with other people.

Games like Subnautica

You can form a squad with your friends to survive or you can fight against friends in the Online PvP mode where you will be able to use guns and vehicles. You can also check out more games like Rust to play by heading here.

  • Developed by: Facepunch Studios
  • Released: 2016
  • Steam: $39.99

6. Don’t Starve Together

Here is a fun multiplayer game that you will surely enjoy with your friends. The game has a wild and weird environment filled with crazy creatures with whom you will have to fight with.  It does have a little bit of the good old Farmville element. You have to grow some sort of crops to survive. If not, then you will starve and eventually die, which is not what you should be doing with a game that a title that says Don’t Starve Together.

Games like Subnautica

Different bosses appear at stages whom you will have to take down with the help of your friends. When it comes to a multiplayer game, this is what you should be playing. While it has its Online PvP and Co-op mode, you can use LAN to play PvP and Co-op modes.

  • Developed by: Klei Entertainment
  • Released: 2016
  • Steam: $14.99

7. Deadside

The next game in the list of best games like Subnautica is the Deadside. It is an open-world multiplayer survival game. It’s more like looking out for enemies and raiding them, but at the same time, ensuring that you survive by being able to trade items for food and ammo for the wide range of weapons that you will be able to use. You can make use of safe zones in the game when you want to trade items with other people or even with the NPC as well.

Games like Subnautica

With all the items that you might either craft or trade, you can build your bases. While the game is still in its early access form, the bases will be indestructible. But, once the game gears up for a proper full release, the players’ bases can be then raided.

  • Developed by: Bad Pixel
  • Released: 2020
  • Steam: $19.99

8. Unturned

If you wanted to play a game that has Minecraft-like block graphics but for free, Unturned is the game for you. You do things similar to that in Minecraft. Collect fruits and vegetables, hunt for animals, and even plant your crops. Since it’s a zombie survival game, you will have to be taking out people who have turned into zombies with weapons and even traveling around the world by air, sea, or even land.

Games like Subnautica

The choice of vehicles in the game is quite vast. Apart from that, there are different locations for you to visit as well as a few user-created worlds. Speaking of user-created content, you can even make use of mods in the game to build your worlds, drive around in custom-designed vehicles and even play around with other modders. If the developers like your content or created world, it could even land up as an official part of the game,

  • Developed by: Smartly Dressed Games
  • Released: 2017
  • Steam: Free to play

9. Depth

This one fall right in line with Subnautica. You play as an underwater diver or you could choose to play as a shark. Like a shark, you will have to swim around and hunt other creatures that you will be using as food. You can choose to be from any of the 7 sharks. While you play as a diver, you must have your weapons is as to stay safe from other creatures that will come around to attack you.

Games like Subnautica

The game has a great environment and the lighting in it plays an important role. It’s a fun and adventurous underwater survival game. You can play offline and practice around with bots or go ahead and play the game online with your friends.

  • Developed by: Digital Confectioners
  • Released: 2014
  • Steam: $16.99

10. Creativerse

Instead of adding Minecraft to this list of survival games, Creativerse is a game that falls along the lines. This is a free to play open-world adventure sandbox game that you can enjoy playing with your friends. You can build out various kinds of structures as well as take on other people using various kinds of weapons as well as creatures. The game requires you to be creative and imaginative enough to be building massive worlds out there with your friends. The game falls similar to that of Unturned.

Games like Subnautica

The developers for Creativerse say that the game will always be free and won’t have any pay to win elements- a thing that can be seen on quite a few games honestly. If you want to play a free Minecraft-like game, this is the one for you.

  • Developed by: Playful Corp
  • Released: 2017
  • Steam: Free to play

11. State of Decay: Year One Survival edition

Here’s a good zombie survival game that lets you do everything you wish to do with zombies. Melee attacks, shoot them, and even burn them using flame throwers. With a wild virus outbreak that has taken place, a whole lot of the population has turned into zombies that are coming to attack you. You along with a small group of survivors who have unique skill sets will be out there taking down the zombies.

Games like Subnautica

As you complete the missions and progress through the game, you also unlock new playable characters and even drive around in new vehicles. Your main goal is to survive the outbreak and be killed by the zombies. This survival edition has been remastered to be playable in 1080p along with new content and missions to play within the game. And with a huge choice of weapons available, it will be a blast trying them out on the zombies scattered across the city.

  • Developed by: Undead Labs
  • Released: 2015
  • Steam: $19.99

12. Chernobylite

We end the list with a sci-fi horror survival game. Chernobylit, yes, a game based in Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone. You play as an ex-employee of the Chernobyl power plant. Why are you there? Well, you are on the lookout for your fiancée who disappeared 30 years back. While on your way through the zone, you will come across various kinds of supernatural creatures that you will have to fight with. The worst part of all is the radiation environment and the dangers that suddenly pop up.

Games like Subnautica

There are all the elements in survival game from building a base, collecting resources and managing them, and crafting up weapons that will be useful during various stealth and combat attacks. The game’s story is different and will change based on your choices, also it is the last alternative of Subnautica of this list. The game is fairly new but has received good reviews from people who played the game.

  • Developed by: The Farm 51
  • Released: 2021
  • Steam: $29.99


So here is the list of the best games like Subnautica to play. While most of the games do not have the underwater world element, you will however be pleased to know that the open-world survival elements in these games are on point. Almost all games have received good reviews and are recommended by players all over if you enjoy such open-world survival games.

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If we miss listing your favorite Subnautica alternative, then you can tell us in the comment box. Also, share this article with your friends.

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