Overwatch 2 Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, Characters, and System Requirements

Objective-based team shooter games are great. Overwatch is a good example of such a game. Developed by Blizzard Environment and released in 2016 has around 10 million monthly active players. With the game at 5 years old, there seem no signs of the game dying out anytime soon. And in the pandemic, Overwatch gained more fanbase because of wfh that allows gamers to enjoy the game in breaks for fun. With that being said, Blizzard is already looking at a sequel with Overwatch 2. Follow on to know more about Overwatch 2 release date, trailer, gameplay, and system requirements.

It surely is great what Blizzard seems to be doing bringing in a new game. In all fairness it feels like a whole new expansion or for that matter it feels like a new DLC with new goodies. What’s good about it is you will be able to carry over your loot and accomplishments to the new game. With that being said, we can also see both games existing side by side and both games receiving updates and new content drops.

Overwatch 2 Release Date

Overwatch 2 was announced at the Blizzcon 2019 event. Moving ahead to the 2021 Blizzconline event, we got to see the Overwatch 2 presentation. However, there was no Overwatch 2 release date revealed. And according to the latest earning calls, the company has said that we could expect the game to launch in late 2022. This gives us almost a year to look out more details about the game and what could eventually happen to the first Overwatch.

overwatch 2 release date

Overwatch 2 Trailer

The Zero Hour Overwatch 2 trailer was revealed during Blizzcon 2019 which shows us, Winston, Tracer, and Mei arrive in Paris and fight with the Null Sector. During the fight, Mei gets injured and Winston decides to take control and finish off the enemy. During that time other members of the Overwatch cavalry joins in to help their team and take down the enemy. With the trailer nearly ending, Winston does say that the Overwatch is back, signifying the arrival of Overwatch 2. The trailer also suggests that some Overwatch 2 characters will be the same as Overwatch. More we will discuss in the gameplay section.

Overwatch 2 Gameplay

The new Overwatch 2 brings in new characters, maps, and even a newer PvP mode. In fact, Overwatch 1 players will be able to play along with players from Overwatch 2. Not only that, but they will also get access to the new Overwatch 2 characters as well as the maps. This itself indicates that the original Overwatch game is here to stay for another set of years. You will also be able to replay various kinds of hero missions as well as battle against newer factions that arise.

There will also feature a new type of map called Push. This map aims to take control of the robot that will be placed right in the center. The team that’s able to push off the robot to the enemy side the furthest wins the battle. Overwatch 2 PvP mode will feature 5 players instead of the usual 6. The team will now constitute 2 damage heroes, 2 support heroes, and one tank.

Overwatch 2 gameplay

Overwatch 2 New maps and points of interest

The game will now be getting 3 new international maps namely Monte Carlo, Toronto, and Rome. Monte Carlo will consist of futuristic stuff like Autopilot cars and flying yachts. The points of interest in the Rome map are the fountains and the Colosseum. Meanwhile, the point of interest in Toronto will be the maple leaf trees, a Tim Fordon’s eatery, and hotel Montebianco. The New York map will feature an Engine 11, Grand Central Terminal, and Jeph’s Corner Pizza. Colorful Rio de Janeiro will feature Club Sinesta, peacocks, and an Oh! Lucio-Oh’s! Eatery. Apart from these, we can also expect more maps to drop into the game.

overwatch 2 maps

Overwatch 2 Characters

Yes, Overwatch 2 will be launching with new characters. Sojourn and Echo are new characters in the game. Blizzard has also stated that there will more characters joining the game as well. In terms of looks for the existing characters, many of the characters have been given a newer and brighter look and more detailed as well.

Overwatch 2 character

Overwatch 2 System Requirements

Well since there’s no information about the release date or expected launch timing, we can’t be sure about the Overwatch 2 minimum system requirements for the game. However, if one were to assume, any system that’s able to play the original version of Overwatch will be able to play Overwatch 2 without any difficulties. Maybe in terms of graphics, there could be the requirement for a better graphics card. Otherwise, it’ll be just the same as it was with Overwatch 1.

Overwatch 2 Cross play functionality

With crossplay functionality coming soon to the original Overwatch, we can also expect the same feature to be available in Overwatch 2. The crossplay functionality is currently in beta but you can always prepare your battle.net account for it. Considering Overwatch is available for PS4 and the Xbox One, we can easily see the game available for the newer console generations as well as for the Nintendo Switch. Though you will have to keep in mind that you won’t be able to carry your progression from one system to another.

Overwatch 2 Carry over progression

All your progress from Overwatch 1 will be carried over to the new game. Even the accomplishments, as well as loot collections, will be carried over. All your player skins, emotes, and sprays will also shift over to the new game.


With Overwatch 2 looking quite good with all the details that we have, we still have to wait for more details from the game like new maps, characters, and most importantly of all, a release date. We will update this article as and when we receive such information.

So for now, that’s all on Overwatch 2 Release Date, Gameplay, System Requirements, Characters, and other news. You can tip us if other Overwatch 2 information is out.

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