9 Best Racing Games like GRID Legends to Play on PC

GRID Legends is a popular racing game that was recently released this year. It has got all the elements you would want to have in a motorsports game. Now, sure it has been just a few months since its release date, and it’s gotten good reviews from a  good number of players. However, as it is with every game on the planet, there will always be a bunch of people who will enjoy the game but, will eventually want to switch to something else or possibly even head back to an older game. Oday, we take a look at 9 racing games like GRID Legends that you should pay on PC.

There are a ton of racing games that have been released. Of course, you will be knowing the very popular ones like those from Need for Speed – a franchise that is loved by a lot of people. Of course, we do have interesting games like TDU Solar Crown releasing later this year, which you can read more about by heading here. Anyways, let’s move on with the 9 best racing games similar to GRID Legends that you can play on PC.

Best Games Like Grid Legends

F1 2021

Formula 1 racing has always been an interesting sports event. And, it gets only much better with the fact that you can now easily enjoy F1 without having to leave your house. F1 2021 is a great racing game that features a ton of new stuff such as the two-player career mode, and the new My team mode where you get to create your own driver and eventually manage your whole team. The game is more fun when you have the steering wheel and pedal setup paired with a widescreen display which provides you a fully immersive experience and entertainment in F1 racing.

Games like grid legends
  • Release date: 15 July 2021
  • Platform: Steam

Forza Horizon 5

The Forza Horizon series of games by Playground Games are superb. The latest installment to the Horizon franchise is Forza Horizon 5. Sure, you could say that it’s an arcade-style racing game. It’s got a ton of events, a huge roster of cars, and moreover fun multiplayer events that you can take part in with your friends. In Forza Horizon 5, there are a lot of racing events that are available as well as custom ones that can be created by players. Every week the weather in the game changes, so having a car that is prepped up for the particular weather and events during the particular time is important.

Games like grid legends

CarX Drift Racing Online

Are you someone that likes to modify cars whether it’s in the performance or visual departments? Well, CarX Drift Racing Online is the game you need to be playing. It’s got all the cool stuff that you can expect in a drift racing game. From being able to lower your car and setting up the perfect stance on the car, you can join a number of online rooms and compete around with your friends or other people too. There are a lot of things to be done in this game. And yes, it’s a pretty detailed game world where you could even go ahead and do some car photography stuff.

Games like grid legends
  • Release Date: 17 November 2017
  • Platform: Steam

Need for Speed Heat

Need for Speed is a franchise that has been loved by a number of people. The latest one that has been released is Need for Speed Heat. Heat seems to bring in a few new things as compared to the previous games in the franchise. In Heat, you get to see a large improvement in a  number of departments. From the graphics to gameplay to cars and finally the large variety of customization features. It’s a good game that got killed out in 2020. However, you can always go ahead and play the online multiplayer mode with your friends. Until we get a new NFS game, Heat will be a solid option to enjoy arcade racing.

Games like grid legends

Assetto Corsa Competizione

This is a marvelous game if you are into sim racing. The game physics, tracks, events, and even the collection of cars in the game are outstanding. The also supports technology such as AMD FSR and Nvidia’s DLSS that help to improve frame rates in-game. The game lets you race around in the GT 3 Championship events. You can even customize your car according to your taste in terms of looks and liveries. The game also lets you play with your friends online and other people too. If you have a steering wheel setup or a controller, you should be able to enjoy this game without a problem.

Games like grid legends
  • Release Date: 29 May 2019
  • Platform: Steam


NASCAR is a popular motorsports racing event. If you’ve never been able to attend a NASCAR event, you needn’t worry. NASCAR 21 is the game you need to play to get the full experience of the sports event. It’s the game that has all the officially licensed drivers, teams, tracks, and even cars. There are different game modes that you pick to race around in. Apart from that you will also be able to play and race against your other friends, thanks to the Online PvP mode. You can read more about the game by heading here. However, you need to watch out before purchasing this game as it’s got a number of bugs and things haven’t been fixed perfectly. So do check out the reviews you make a purchase of the game.

Games like grid legends
  • Release Date: 28 October 2021
  • Platform: Steam

WRC 10: FIA World Rally Championship

Love rally sports events? This will be the perfect game to enjoy everything about rally racing. There are a number of game modes available that you can pick and play from. There are a good number of popular rally cars that you can drive on various tracks throughout the world. Plus, this game lets you compete with people online and even play with your friends if you wish to. There is a lot about this game and you can cover it in our everything you need to know about WRC 10 article.

Games like grid legends
  • Release Date: 2 September 2021
  • Platform: Steam


Now, so far we have talked about racing games with cars. How about we have a bit of fun and pul with the go-karts for a race? These karts are wicked quick and will be able to speed off at around 80 mph. The game currently has 5 tracks and around 8 types of racing karts to choose from. You also have a decent amount of customization in the game as well as a few game modes that you can enjoy alone. Yes, alone as it has no online modes at all.

Games like grid legends
  • Release Date: 2 November 2018
  • Platform: Steam

Ride 4

Let’s conclude the list of racing games with bikes. Yes, racing bikes. The thrill and speed only get more real with Ride 4. You can race and zoom around on a number of bikes across various tracks either against the Ai or even with your friends. The game has plenty of customization options for you to choose from. For example, you can tune your bike, adjust its appearance, and also be able to make changes to the rider’s helmet- all according to your choice. It’s a great game that will give you a much better experience and immersive feel when you use a controller to play the game.

Games like grid legends
  • Release Date: 8 October 2020
  • Platform: Steam


And this is the end of the list f the 9 best racing games like GRID Legends that you can play on PC with your friends. Racing games are all cool. We are yet to expect more racing games to be released later this year like Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown and Forza Motorsports 8 Do let us know which one is the favorite from your list. Also, comment below on other forms of racing games that you think could have been added to this list.

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