10 Games Like A Way Out [Best Co-op Games to Play]

Online Co-op games are a great way to enjoy a game with your friends. There’s so much fun as well as teamwork that you and your friends can complete the objectives and mission of a game. One popular co-op game that a lot of people have been playing is A Way Out. This is an adventure game where it requires you and your friend to coordinate and get out of prison without getting caught. So, if you are someone who loves such team coordination co-op games, you need to try out and play other co-op games similar to A Way Out.

Best Games Like A Way Out

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best co-op games similar to A Way Out that have a lot of fun, adventure, and most of all coordination and teamwork. All of the games that have been mentioned in the list can be played on PC and accessible via the Steam Games Client.

1. It Takes Two

Going by the title of the game, It Takes Two is a fun adventure platform game where you and your friend have to coordinate and complete multiple challenges that will be thrown at you. You and your friend are humans, the size of dolls who are lost and trapped in a magical and fantasy field world. The game has a lot of surprises up its sleeve. The game has a lot for you to explore. As Cody and May, you must learn to get over your differences and enjoy. It is the best game like A Way Out on this list.

Games Like A Way Out
  • Release Date: 26 March 2021
  • Developer: Hazelight
  • Download: Steam

2. Overcooked 2

Here is a fun, chaotic game, where you and your friend are tasked with preparing dishes in the kitchen. This game requires you to play with or against your friend. The game has a lot of restaurants and different locations. You can also try new recipes and play on different platforms, including ones that are moving. At times, the game might also simply take you and place you on a new map and kitchen all of a sudden.

Games Like A Way Out
  • Release Date: 7 April 2018
  • Developer: Team 17
  • Download: Steam

3. Moving Out

Ever wanted to know how hectic and at the same time fun it is to be moving out? Well, you can experience it in the game Moving Out. In this game, you play the role of a Relocation technician. You and your friend have to move furniture around. Whether it’s everyone holding tight onto a heavy couch or you just throwing boxes in the air at each other. The main aim of the game is that you have to save your city and be the best moving business in town. The game can be enjoyed with your friend via the Local Co-op Mode.

Games Like A Way Out
  • Release Date: 28 April 2020
  • Developer: SMG Studio
  • Download: Steam

4. Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

This one’s quite an old game but it does have the option to let you play in local co-op mode with your friend. So it deserves a place on the list of Games like A Way Out. You and your friend can play as brothers who need to be guided through the various locations in the world, solve various puzzles, and even go ahead to take part in boss battles. The main of the game is that the brothers have set out to outlook for the Water of Life that can help recover their ailing father. The game can get very emotional at certain times, so be prepared for it. Overall a great adventure game that you can play with a friend or even a family member.

Games Like A Way Out
  • Release Date: 3 September 2013
  • Developer: Starbreeza Studios AB
  • Download: Steam

5. Unravel Two

Unravel Two takes on a similar approach to A Way Out and It Takes Two. You and your friends play as Yamys. Both players need to help and support each other. There are many problem-solving missions as well as monsters that you will have to fight against. The Yamys can slide and jump around in the huge world. The game world is always evolving so you can expect to see new things happening at all times. The game locations in the game have been inspired by two real-life locations in Scandinavia.

Games Similar to A Way Out
  • Release Date: 9 June 2019
  • Developer: Coldwood Interactive
  • Download: Steam

6. Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime

Here’s a great Co-op game similar to A Way Out. It requires you and your friend to explore a large and neon-colored galaxy. You can travel around in a battleship. There are several evil forces who will be on the lookout for you. The enemies can be crushed, but it can be wonky when there is teamwork and coordination between your team members on the battleship. You will have to work on rescuing space bunnies that have been kidnapped. The battleship can be customized and various abilities can be upgraded.

Games Similar to A Way Out
  • Release Date: 9 September 2015
  • Developer: Asteroid Base
  • Download: Steam

7. Knights And Bikes

Want to test and see how good and strong the friendship bond is with your friend? Knights and Bikes in the game that you need to play. You and your friend play as Nessa and Demelza who have set out to explore an ancient land. The land has a number of hazards to overcome, puzzles to solve as well as collecting various fun tools to create chaos all around. Both characters will have to work together in order to achieve the goals, best of all, you can both travel on bikes and even have a goose as a pet.

Games Similar to A Way Out
  • Release Date: 27 August 2019
  • Developer: Foam Sword
  • Download: Steam

8. Guacamelee 2!

If you love Metroidvania-style games, then you’ll enjoy Guacamelee 2. Set in a world inspired by Mexican culture and folklore, Guacamelee 2 is a brawler-type fighting game. You and your friend or family member can simply join in and play along in the local Co-op mode. There are a lot of moves that you need to learn to take out your enemies. The game has a large map and has even more nemesis than the original Guacamelee game. You can also make use of the special powers that each character has got.

Games Similar to A Way Out
  • Release Date: 21 August 2018
  • Developer: DrinkBox Studios
  • Download: Steam

9. We Were Here Together

Co-op games like A Way Out where you and your friend or partner need to cooperate are interesting games, The same can be said about We Were Here Together. The game requires you and your partner to solve various puzzles in order to escape from the very haunted Castle Rock. As members of the research base camp, you must go on a rescue expedition with your partner to rescue your fellow employees who have been trapped and lost. With just your walkie-talkies and nothing else, you must solve puzzles together and escape from the various dangers that come your way.

Games Similar to A Way Out
  • Release Date:10 October 2019
  • Developer: Total Mayhem Games
  • Download: Steam

10. Castle Crashers

Want to go back and play some old-school 2D games? Castle Crashers is all about how you need to save your princess, destroy some castles as well defend your kingdoms. This is a fun co-op game that has multiple mini-game modes as well as 25+ characters for you to choose from. In terms of weapons, there are around 40 of them. You and your friends can choose between multiple game modes such as Arena Mode and Insane Mode.

Games Like A Way Out
  • Release Date: 26 September 2012
  • Developer: The Behemoth
  • Download: Steam


These are the best co-op games like A Way Out that you can play on your PC with your friends. These kinds of games are fun as it helps you to bond better with your friends. It’s important to have teamwork in the game in order to survive and win the game. Now, the games on this list are new and some are old. Well, it’s simply because these are really great co-op games and you should definitely try them out if you have played A Way Out. If you have other games that you think need to be on this list, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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