Download Xiaomi HyperOS Wallpapers in High Quality!

Xiaomi is switching from MIUI to a new Custom OS called HyperOS. It is launching with the new Xiaomi 14 series. From the leaks till now HyperOS looks similar to MIUI but built on different architecture. But we are more excited about new wallpapers that will be part of HyperOS. Fortunately, we managed to get our hands on HyperOS wallpapers before the official launch.

If you remember, Samsung also switched to One UI about a few years back which was one of the best decisions by Samsung. However, HyperOS is quite similar to MIUI so people have doubts about whether this is only a name change or whether Xiaomi really trying to be better at the software department. Only a full in-depth comparison between MIUI and HyperOS will tell that.

Users are already manually installing the HyperOS ROM to try out the new OS early. And from an early look, we can see there are some user interface changes. The funny thing is that it contains elements from different OS like OxygenOS, One UI, and iOS.

Whether the HyperOS impresses users or not, you can always enjoy its wallpaper collection irrespective of your device.

HyperOS wallpapers

With every new major MIUI release, Xiaomi brings some new wallpapers. And it also applies to the new HyperOS. Yes, HyperOS has many inbuilt wallpapers that you might want to try on your device. HyperOS wallpapers collection includes some good as well as some bad wallpapers. Luckily there are many wallpapers in the collection and you will find some that go well with your taste.

Note: These listed images are the preview of the wallpapers and are just for representation. Preview is not in the original quality so don’t download from images. Use the download link given in the download section below.

HyperOS Wallpapers – Preview

Download HyperOS Wallpapers

There are 32 new wallpapers in HyperOS. Yes, the collection is huge. You have already seen the design of its wallpapers in the preview section. All the wallpapers are available in high resolution and high quality. If you like HyperOS Wallpapers, you can download them from the links given below.

Once downloaded, simply open the wallpaper and save to photos, and then apply it on your home screen or lock screen from the Photos app. That’s it.

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