How to use Continuity Camera on macOS Ventura and iOS 16

Every year whenever Apple announces the newest version of its iOS and macOS, there will always be particular features that will be absolutely unique and even the first of their kind in the market.

This time during the WWDC 2022 event, Apple announced that you can now use your iPhone as the webcam for your Mac systems. This is indeed a great feature considering that the iPhone’s rear camera setup outputs amazing photo and video qualities. So, in this guide, we will be taking a look at how you can use the continuity camera on macOS Ventura and iOS 16.

With the Continuity Camera feature, users can show the top-down view or the top view of desk space. It helps when users want to show something on the desk like card magick, drawings, etc. This is a useful feature for many professions like teaching. But it works with the latest software that you will know later in this guide.

How to use Continuity Camera on iPhone

How to use Continuity Camera on iPhone

Before we take a look at the steps for how you can use Continuity Camera on macOS Ventura and iOS16, there are a few key points that you need to keep in mind.


  • iPhone should be running the latest version of iOS 16 or later
  • Mac should be running on macOS Ventura or later
  • Use iPhone XR or newer models for Continuity Camera support
  • iPhone and Mac should be signed in with the same Apple ID
  • Both, the iPhone and Mac should be connected to WiFi and have Bluetooth enabled
  • Studio Light features supported from iPhone 12 and newer
  • Center Stage and Desk View are supported on iPhone 11 and later
  • Camera mount to mount the iPhone behind your Mac

Enable Continuity Camera 

By default, the Continuity Camera is turned on. However, if it isn’t, you can always follow these steps to turn the feature on.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on General.
  2. Now, select AirPlay and Handoff.
    How to use Continuity Camera on iPhone
  3. Tap on the switch to On where it says Continuity Camera.
    How to use Continuity Camera on iPhone

Use Continuity Camera in an App

Now, the benefit of using the Continuity Camera feature with macOS Ventura and iOS16 is that it works with a range of video calling apps. Whether you use Facetime, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or even Skype. Here is how you can use camera continuity on your macOS Ventura and iOS 16.

  1. First, launch the video calling app that you plan to be using.
  2. Now, launch the Settings option that allows you to choose from different cameras connected to your Mac. This option will either be under the Video or Settings tab based on the video calling app that you use.
  3. From the list of connected cameras, you should be seeing your iPhone in the list.
  4. Considering that your iPhone is close to your Mac, the Mac will be able to use your iPhone as the camera for the particular video calling app.
  5. Once the connection has been successfully initiated, your iPhone will now be used as a webcam.
  6. The iPhone will also display a message on the screen stating that it’s being used as a webcam and you will also see the option to disconnect from the video call.
  7. Even if you use the web version of any video calling app on your mac, the Continuity Camera feature can be used with your iPhone as well.

There are some new features related to the continuity camera which can be enabled easily. Here are all the features you would want to enable.

How to Enable Desk View on iPhone

Desk View: Desk View can be used when you want to have an over-the-head camera view of your desk or keyboard. Of course, you will have to mount your camera with a stand. Once you have the Continuity Camera running, all you need to do is open up the Control Center and select Video Effects. From here you can enable Desk View. This is also the same place where you can turn off Desk View.

Center Stage: Center Stage is used when you might be moving a lot within the camera frame With this feature enabled, the iPhone will always ensure to keep you in the center of the frame, thus ensuring that you are out of the frame when on video conferences. To enable Center Stage, open the Control Center and select Video Effects. Finally, tap on Center Stage. Center Stage will only work on iPhone 11 and newer.

Portrait Mode: Portrait Mode allows you to blur your background when having video conferences This feature can also be enabled from Control Center under Video Effects.

Studio Light: Studio Light is a feature where if you feel like you need to be seen in a brightly lit area. When Studio Light is enabled, your iPhone’s flashlight will be switched on. You can enable it from the Control Center under Video Effects. Also, Studio Light is available on iPhone 12 and newer.

Final Thoughts

And this is how you can enable and use Continuity Camera on macOS Ventura and an iPhone running iOS 16. While this is a great feature, there have always been a few third-party apps on the App Store that allow you to use your iPhone as a webcam for your PC or Mac systems. But the addition of new features like Desk View is something new. If you have questions or queries, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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