5 Best Nokia 5.1 Plus Cases & Back Covers

This year, Nokia launched Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia 6.1 Plus & 7.1 Plus, these are the upgraded version of the last year’s phones. All phones come with the glass back, we test both Nokia 5.1 Plus & Nokia 6.1 Plus and I drop the phone twice. Luckily, my phone is working fine without any scratches or damage. But, one thing I knew after these usual drops are, need of a case or back cover for my Nokia 5.1 Plus. Which is why, we are bringing the list of 5 Best Nokia 5.1 Plus Cases & Back Covers you can buy to protect your phone. 
Well, Nokia 5.1 Plus is the cheaper of the three models, but it’s still an expensive budget phone, starting at Rs. 10,999. Protection is the primary goal to stay phone safe from any damage, that’s why we need a case.

Best Nokia 5.1 Plus Cases & Back Covers

Note: The pricing and the color may vary, pictures used for the presentation purpose. We will keep updating the list of Nokia 5.1 Cases & Covers if we find better alternatives in the future.

1. Febelo Back Cover for Nokia 5.1 Plus

The Rubber case with leather texture by Febelo is the best way to start presenting this list. The Nokia 5.1 Plus case featured here comes with a simple & elegant leather texture on the back, built with rubber. This slim case manages to protect your Nokia X5. Buttons are tactile enough to use the phone when you put the cover on it.Best Nokia 5.1 Plus Cases

Buy from Flipkart (Rs. 259)

2. Newlike Transparent Case for Nokia 5.1 Plus

As the name suggests, the Newlike Transparent case comes with transparent back & flexible. One of the best case, which is easy to hold and makes the grip strength. The build quality is the primary goal, which performs a major role in protecting the phone. The strong back manages to handle the fingerprints & scratches.

Buy from Amazon (Rs. 199)

3. Tarkan Premium Heavy Duty Case for Nokia 5.1 Plus

The Tarkan Premium Heavy Duty case is made of tough & heavy TPU material. It features with a mechanical design at the back which makes your phone more powerful. Also, the back has additional stand will help you to watch the videos without holding the phone. The advanced technology let make your Nokia X5 Shockproof & Rugged. While the tactile buttons are easy to press at the same time.Best Nokia 5.1 Plus Cases

Buy from Amazon (Rs. 399)

4. Nokia 5.1 Plus Flip Cover by ACM

The new Nokia 5.1 Plus Wallet Case has a premium quality back cover comes with the soft TPU skin both inside & outside. ACM packs the separate 3 sections in the flip cover, which allows you to carry the cash & cards, along with your phone. Also, the anti-lock strap locks the cover, when you flip the cover. Along with this, the catching blue color also attracts you to buy this beautiful flip cover.Best Nokia 5.1 Plus Cases

Buy from Snapdeal (Rs. 429)

5. Sprik Back Cover for Nokia 5.1 Plus

Another back cover features with a mechanical texture on the back, by Sprik. The Back cover has a high-quality rubber with 2 different textures, Smooth Silk & Carbon Fiber Texture. The coating easily manages the scratches & it has anti-fingerprint protection. Separate protection for camera & fingerprint scanner helps to protect both of them along with the display. It is one of the cheapest available covers, which is only at Rs. 170.Best Nokia 5.1 Plus Cases

Buy from Flipkart (Rs. 170)

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Bottom Line

All the above-mentioned cases and back covers will protect your Nokia 5.1 Plus from the usual drops and scratches. All of them are packs with multiple advantages like slim & strong built, tactile buttons, elegant texture & fits into your pocket.

So, buy the one which is pocket-friendly. Also, Share the article with your friends who are using the Nokia 5.1 Plus.

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