Battlefield 2042: Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, System Requirements

Battlefield fans are in for a treat. EA and Dice Media just revealed the trailer to the newest Battlefield game ‘Battlefield 2042‘. It’s been some time since Battlefield V came out in 2018 okay well three years. But it’s finally here! The new Battlefield is all set up in the futuristic world. There is a lot to talk about the first-person shooter. Stick around to know more about the Battlefield 2042 release date, gameplay trailer, system requirements, and other details of the brand new Battlefield 2042.

We will also be taking a look at the leaks that have been revealed earlier and see where and how it falls into the reveal trailer.

The Battlefield 2042 game is currently available to pre-order on the Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. Apart from the new battlefield game, we can expect a Battlefield game to the mobile platform later this year or by mid of 2022. There is a lot to talk about Battlefield 2042, so let’s get started.

Battlefield 2042 Release date

As revealed during EA’s Q3 earnings call, the new Battlefield game would be having a release date nearing the end of 2021. We finally have a release date, October 22, 2021- just in time before the holiday season kicks in. The Battlefield 2042 release date is global and across all platforms whatsoever.

Battlefield 2042 Release Date

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay

Coming to the Battlefield 2042 gameplay aspect of the game, it takes place in 2042. A time in the future world where there have been storms, wars, and scarcity of supplies. With Russia and the US fighting and blaming each other for various problems that have been caused, wars break out and the people are separated. They now fight for the future they seek rather than just fighting and taking over any particular land. It’s the fight for survival and the resources that keep getting scarce as the minutes pass by and you have to choose a side to fight for.

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay

Battlefield 2042 Game modes

Sadly, the new Battlefield has no campaign mode, which might put off a lot of people who have always enjoyed playing campaign modes in the older Battlefield games. Now that this will an all multiplayer-only game, there are new modes that we get to see. It’s all about total warfare be it over the land, air, or sea, you will be battling in a 128-player match. The conquest mode will feature the 128-player battle that will have various kinds of clusters plus you will have various sectors that will center around all the action instead of the older individuals’ points.

Battlefield 2042 Release Date

The Breakthrough mode will feature two teams namely the Attackers and the Defenders who will battle over large sectors. A large number of players will be able to enter a sector that helps in planning and making strategic decisions. There is also a new mode called the Hazard Zone which details of are yet to be revealed. There is also a newer way to experience unexpected battles again which will be revealed at a later date.

Battlefield 2042 Maps

Now that the game will be featuring 128 players, the maps of the game are said to be quite huge. So far seven maps can be enjoyed. There all reflect places similar to that of real life. Check out Battlefield 2042 Maps list.

1. Orbital

Remember the leaks that showed a drawing of the rocket that was gearing up for a launch? You will be to see the rocket on this map that’s located in Kourou, French Guiana. You will be fighting your enemies at the launch base with the rocket getting ready to launch any time. However, the enemy is not your only concern here, as the weather also plays a huge factor in the gameplay and this particular map has dynamic weather which means you’ll be face to face with nature’s rage.

2. Hourglass

The second map in the game is where the wind and dust will be fighting with you. So, expect terrible visibility and high speeds winds that will be challenging for you and everyone out there. The desert map is located in Doha, Qatar, the Arabian region known for its cray heat and dust storms.  Things may get even worse if you are in the jets taking your enemies out all thanks to the visibility drop.

Battlefield 2042 Map

3. Kaleidoscope

No battle is left out without it taking place in the high-rise and modernized cities. You will be battling around Songdo, South Korea’s data center. Expect most of the battles taking place in the air as you fly by in your fighter jets.

4. Manifest

Here comes the storm again. Taking place in Brani island, Singapore, you will be greeted with all sorts of tropical storms as well as high-speed tornadoes which will create havoc for you as well as your enemies. This will be a challenging map not because of the storms but also because of the enemies coming around and messing with the supply base that sends supplies to the US.

5. Discarded

The coastal lines and the beaches may all sound good until the storms kick in. You will be battling your enemies at a ship-breaking yard along the west coast of India at Alang. Since it’s at the beach expect sudden attacks coming from the air as well as the seas.

Battlefield 2042 Map

6. Breakaway

Here’s another dynamic map that gets as cold as it possibly can. Brave the snow and freezing temperatures at Queen Maud Land in Antarctica. Expect to cause a lot of permanent damage in the ice-cold region by destroying fuel tanks that cause widespread fires. Why would you be battling in Antarctica? It’s just for one thing- the oil which is running out of supply around the world.

7. Renewal

Here is where the human divide can be spotted as a huge wall is built just to secure the rich folks. You will be battling in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. meaning that the desert storms are every ready to cause havoc while you will be securing access points at either side of the wall.

Battlefield 2042 Specialists

You will be able to choose your Specialist and create custom squads. Each specialist has their trait and specialty. There are ten specialists to choose from, but as of now, only four have been revealed.

1. Webster Mackey

Equipped with a grappling hook and is nimble enough to move faster while taking out the enemies. He fights for the non-Patriated.

2. Maria Flack

Everyone needs a medic on the squad and that’s what Maria is good at. She owns a Syrette Pistol that fires out syringes which can cause damage on firing at an enemy. She will be the one to look for in case you are low on health and need some reviving.

3. Pytor “Boris” Guskovsky

Here is the Russian man on your team. He will set up sentry guns to take out your enemies and will also let you know where and when an enemy is in close range. The most experienced weapon expert on the team.

4. Wikus “Casper” Van Dale

The man on the team will alert you when enemies are approaching you with the help of his drones and will also destroy enemy targets with EMP blasts and will also use the drones to destroy enemy weapons on the ground.

Battlefield 2042 – Weapons, Vehicles, and Battle Pass

There are a lot of futuristic vehicles and weapons that you will be to use while battling out the enemies. Plus you will be able to make use of Ranger, a robotic dog that will accompany you during the battles. The game will be having seasons and in the first year, there will be four seasons that will last for around three months each. There will also be a paid as well as free battle pass which will grant access to various rewards and items that you will be able to store in your inventory.

Battlefield 2042 – Open Beta Testing

Open beta testing for the Battlefield 2042 game will begin in a few months and will be available for all those who have pre-registered for the game. There will also be a technical playtest where the developers will be looking for any loopholes or issues in the game as well as feedback from players. However, under the technical playtest, players will be under a No disclosure Agreement, meaning that they will not be allowed to leak or reveal anything that’s taking place during the particular test period.

Battlefield 2042 System Requirements & Game versions

There are three versions of Battlefield 2043 – Base game, Gold Edition, and the Ultimate version. Those who pre-order the game will get the following benefits

  • Early Access to Open Beta
  • Baku ACB-90 melee takedown knife
  • “Mr. Chompy” Epic Weapon Charm
  • “Landfall” Player Card Background + “Old Guard” Tag

So far there are no details available about the Battlefield 2042 system requirements, but we can expect a big game like this to run easily on medium to high ended systems without any issues. Pre-orders are live on the Epic Games Store, Steam, Origin, Xbox Store, and the Play Station Store. The game is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Battlefield 2042 – Important dates

There are still some more details that are yet to be revealed about the game like the reveal of the Battlefield 2042 system specifications, gameplay premiere, and other details. On the 13th of June, 2021 we will be getting to watch the gameplay premiere of Battlefield 2042 which will give us the first look at the game. We will get to see more gameplay modes being revealed during the EA Play Live event which is expected to take place on the 22nd of July. And of course, the Battlefield 2042 release date on October 22, 2021.

You can also check out the leaks that we have covered and compare them with the game’s reveal trailer. Stick around as we will be covering more details of Battlefield 2042 as and when we get more information.

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