Here’s How To Get Android 14 Easter Egg

Google releases a new version of the Android OS each year, and each one includes an Easter egg. There’s an age-old tradition of hidden Easter eggs in every new Android OS, spanning from the days when each version was dubbed after a sweet grace. Android 14, also known as Upside Down Cake, isn’t an exception. This article will explain to you what an Easter Egg is and how to get the Android 14 Easter Egg. Let’s have a look at 2023’s mysterious Android surprise.

What is an Android Easter Egg?

An Easter Egg is a hidden feature that typically exists in the Android operating system and is aimed at being a fun surprise for users to uncover. Developers frequently include Easter Eggs as a form of entertainment or to demonstrate the creative aspect of Google’s Android OS. They may appear in the form of hidden games, animations, or other interactive components.

As mentioned earlier, Android Easter Eggs tend to evolve with each new version of the operating system, so users may expect new surprises with each Android upgrade. These Easter Eggs provide a touch of whimsy and delight to the Android experience, as well as an entertaining way for users to interact with their devices apart from their normal functions.

What’s the Android 14 Easter Egg?

The Android 14 Easter egg is all about space. It’s an enjoyable mini-game that lets you shoot through the universe in a tiny little rocket. Ultimately, the aim is to discover space while avoiding collisions with it. It’s a lot of fun, though getting anything done is a nightmare; therefore, concentrate on spending some time on deep space discovery.

How To Get the Android 14 Easter Egg?

The Android 14 Easter egg is quite easy to get or find on your device running the OS. Yes your phone must be running the latest Android 14 OS. Here’s how to find the Android 14 Easter Egg:

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your device.

Step 2: Scroll down to the About Phone option and tap to open it.

Step 3: Click on the Android version.

Step 4: Next, tap on Android Version 14 three times very quickly.

Step 5: Long-press the Android 14 logo to begin.

Step 6: The mini-game will load itself after a few seconds (about 15-20 seconds), though it’ll be fine if the start-up screen makes it appear that your phone has crashed.

Instead of reacting to an embarrassing phone failure, play the game by controlling the little rocket in the center of the screen. You can do it by touching the screen and moving your finger in the desired direction. In the name of the mighty Google Empire, you must locate and land on planets.

The number of planets in the area is shown in the upper left corner, along with your relative position and speed at the bottom.

How to Play the Android 14 Easter Egg Game?

Once you start the Easter egg, you’ll be able to see controls for a tiny ship floating in space.

The position of your ship’s coordinates and velocity are displayed at the bottom left. You can move about in space by holding down the ship and moving your finger. You’ll see a lot of details in the top left corner, including the name of the star closest to your position, the class of that star, its radius, mass, and many other things.

You can guide your craft to the star using the details available on the screen. Simply control it over the coordinates (0, 0). You can even collide with the star if you like. You can also hunt around the star’s orbit for celestial bodies and then collide with them.

Note that there is no winning in this game, as the game does not give any guidance on where to go.

So, this is all about what an Easter egg is and how you can find or get an Android 14 Easter egg. I hope the article helps you find and play the Android 14 Easter Egg game. Please share any additional inquiries related to the Easter egg in the comments section. Also, share this information with your friends and family and let them be aware of Android 14’s Easter egg game.

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