Android 14 Beta Program for OnePlus 11 announced (Download and Install)

The Google I/O event 2023 was all about AI and new product launches. Surprisingly, Google talked very little about Android at the event. But as usual, after the event a new beta was released as well as the beta program went live for partner OEMs. OnePlus also announced the Android 14 beta program for the OnePlus 11, the company’s latest flagship phone.

OnePlus admin has shared this news on the company’s official forum. The article does not say whether it is based on OxygenOS or it is pure Android. But from the comments shared by the users, we came to know that the Android 14 beta for OnePlus 11 is based on OxygenOS 13.

Since this is the first Android 14 for any OnePlus device, the update is only recommended for developers or users who have some knowledge of manually installing and rolling back using files. If you’re new to the beta update, you can try if you use OnePlus 11 as your secondary phone, but at your own risk.

This build only comes with limited changes. And also there are some known issues that you can check below.

  • WLAN malfunctions in certain scenarios
  • Connection fails when casting to a TV display
  • Red screen is seen when switching from Guest mode to Owner mode in certain scenarios
  • Manual connection fails after the phone is disconnected from the tablet
  • WeChat calls may not ring with Bluetooth headsets
  • Red screen flashes when creating a new calendar
  • Screen freezes when taking picture with the front camera in WhatsApp

Download Android 14 Beta for OnePlus 11

To install the Android 14 beta on your OnePlus 11, you need a ROM package. You can download the package from the links below, but make sure to download the correct ROM.


  • The method is not applicable to T-mobile/Verizon devices
  • Charge your device to at least 50%
  • Make sure a minimum 4GB space is available on your phone
  • Backup your data as this process will delete all data

How to Upgrade OnePlus 11 to Android 14 Beta (EU & IN)

  1. Copy the downloaded Android 14 ROM to your phone.
  2. Go to Settings > About Device on your phone. Tap on the Version.
  3. It will show software information, tap 7-8 times on the Build Number to enable developer options.
  4. Now go to Settings > About device > Up to date > Click the top right button > Local install.
  5. Select the ROM and then choose the extract option. The ROM will extract and upgrade your device.
  6. After the upgrade, tap on the Restart option.

How to Upgrade OnePlus 11 to Android 14 Beta (NA Only)

  1. Copy the downloaded package to your phone.
  2. Open the app and tap the gear icon at the right corner.
  3. Locate and select the package.
  4. The package will now install and you will see the progress on the screen.
  5. Once the installation is done, Click Restart.

In case you decide to downgrade your OnePlus 11 to Android 13, you can do that by following the same steps as the upgrade but changing the package file. Downgrade packages are available in the links below.

Downgrade Package (Android 14 to Android 13)

Are you going to try the first Android 14 beta on your OnePlus 11? If you do, let us know your experience.

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