Android 13 for TV comes with performance improvements and new features

Android 13 for phones was released to the public in August. And now after a few months Android 13 is available for TVs. Yes, Google has finally released the latest Android 13 for TV as well. But currently its only available to developer devices and not to consumers. It will be available to everyone soon.

As we all know that TV does not get updates and support like Android phones, Android TV OS still needs many improvements and hence this new update is going to be important for Android TV.

Talking about the current status of Android 13 for phones, other OEMs are still working on the update for their phones, which means that the availability of Android 13 for Android TV will also depend on the manufacturer. If a TV is eligible for the update, the update could come soon after the public release or later next year. For newer Android TVs it may be available soon while on older Android TVs it is going to take time.

Android 13 TV OS brings many improvements that will increase TV performance overall. Here are all the new features that come with the latest update.

What’s New in Android 13 TV OS

Media & Power

  • Anticipatory audio route lets apps identify the routed device and supported formats before creating an AudioTrack
  • User controls for preferred resolution and refresh rate on supported HDMI source devices
  • Power management improvements for low powered standby

Input Control & Accessibility

  • Hardware mute switch states are reflected in the system privacy controls
  • Updated user controls for Assistant microphone access on the remote
  • Global preferences for enabling audio descriptions across apps
  • New Keyboard Layouts API allows selection of different language layouts for external keyboards

HDMI & Tuner

  • Better handling of HDMI state changes on HDMI source devices
  • Improved language selection for HDMI source devices
  • Tuner HAL 2.0 with performance optimizations, twin tuner and ISDB-T Multi-Layer support
  • Framework for interactive TV use cases as an extension to TIF

Google has just released a new version of TV OS, however currently its available for testing on developer device. It is expected to release soon for everyone who has eligible Android and Google TVs.

If you are a developer you can get it right now using different methods for testing. The Android 13 TV OS is available for both ADT-3 and the Android TV emulator. If you have ADT-3, you can download the system image to install the latest OS. Or you can use the Android Virtual Device manager if you want to use the new OS in Emulator.

Download ADT-3 Factory Images (Android 13)

After downloading the right system image for your TV, you can flash it on your ADT-3 device. Don’t forget to back up your data.

If you receive or already testing the Android 13 for TV, do let us know your experience in the comment section.

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