Pixel 6 is releasing in these countries!


Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the upcoming flagship phones from Google.

Just a couple of months away from the launch.

Credit: @MadebyGoogle

Leaks available!

As it nears the official release, more and more robust leaks have surfaced, confirming the countries where it will be available.

IMG: @MadebyGoogle

As of now!

The countries that we are going to mention are almost certain for the launch of Pixel 6 series.

IMG: Google

Pixel 6 will be available in these countries:

Credit: @MadebyGoogle

– Australia – Canada – France – Germany

– Japan – Taiwan – United Kingdom – United States

IMG: Google

In India?

Sadly, the Pixel 6 is unlikely to launch in India, but we can expect Google to extend the availability of the Pixel 6 series to more counties.

IMG: Google


Along with other leaks, Pixel 6 wallpapers are now also available for download.

IMG: Google