Ashutosh Singh

How to Leave a Video Message in FaceTime

Dec 16, 2023

Everyone knows about FaceTime, popular service from Apple. Apple has added many features to FaceTime since its inception.

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iOS 17, the latest OS for iPhone brings some requested features like leaving video messages when someone misses FaceTime.

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Since this is a new feature in FaceTime, many users will want to know how it works. So here's a quick guide.

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When you FaceTime someone and they don’t answer it, you will see a Record Video button. Tap the button.

Now record your video message that you want to leave for the other user. After recording the video tap Stop button.

You will now see a green Arrow icon, tap it to Send the video message.

The receiver can access the video message from Notification or from FaceTime. The video option will appear right below the username in Facetime calls.

The receiver will get the option to save the video message, send text or FaceTime.

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