Ashutosh Singh

These 9 Features are Coming to iPhone with iOS 17.2

Nov 25, 2023

iOS 17.2 is coming to the public soon, probably mid-December. Currently it is in beta testing.

IMG: Unsplash

The big update will bring many new features. Here are the main features you will get with the iOS 17.2 update on your iPhone.

IMG: Unsplash

The all new Journal app will come with iOS 17.2. The app lets you add images, recording, and location tags in Journal entry. You will be able to lock the Journal app to keep your data private.

Journal App

There are three new Weather Widgets that show detailed information. And also there is a new Clock widget for homescreen.

New Widgets

A new Favorite playlist in Apple Music where you will find all song that you have favorited.

Favorite Songs Playlist

iOS 17.2 let users share Playlist with others. Allowed collaborators can also contribute to the playlist.

Share Playlist with Others

The iOS 17.2 include Spatial Video option to record videos for upcoming Vision Pro. The one minute spatial video takes 130MB storage.

Record Spatial Video

Users can map Action button to translate. Tapping the button will bring the translate animation in Dynamic island and long press will translate to set language.

Translate using Action Button

Suggestions can help you create Journal entry easily and make it creative. You can choose what data it can access to give suggestions. It can also show suggestions from third party apps.

Update Apps

When your iPhone is connected to AirPods and you receive a photo in iMessage, it can describe the photo so that you can know the purpose of the message without looking.

AirPods Describe Photos in Messages

In iOS 17.2, Message have Up arrow in conversations that can portal you to the last seen message, so that you can easily see all new Messages.

Catch up to last seen in Messages