Haneet Singh

A New Secret Way to Hide Apps on iPhone

April 15, 2023

iOS comes with several productivity features, and one such feature allows users to hide apps on their iPhones.

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There are a number of ways by which you can hide apps on your iPhone, but there's a secret app you can use to completely hide any app on your iPhone.

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Here's how you can use the third-party secret app on your iPhone and hide any app.

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First things first, download "Cloack" app from the App Store..

Let's Begin

Open the app and grant the required permissions to get access of all features.

Select an app by tapping on the App Group, then choose the app which you want to hide.

With the app selected in the App Group, tap Hide option. It will hide the app from both home screen and app library.

To get the app back on your home screen, you need to change Home Screen Settings for Newly Downloaded apps.

Safe Zones feature in the Cloak app lets you hide apps based on your current location.

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