Ashutosh Singh

Apple could bring a built-in touch display on AirPods case

April 5, 2023

IMG: 9to5Mac

Apple has many plans for its devices in the coming years. We can expect major upgrades on the iPhone, Mac, AirPods etc.

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As shared by PatentlyApple and reported by 9to5Mac, Apple has been granted a patent for a redesigned AirPods case which was filed in September 2022.

The patent is regarding Touch Display on AirPods case on the frontside.

To use the AirPods, we need to carry them with the paired phone, but once display is added to case, there will be no need to carry paired phone.

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Yes, AirPods will work standalone which will be helpful in many cases like jogging, exercising and more.

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Patent shows a square display on the case and is located just below the opening lid.

IMG: Patently Apple

The touchscreen display will give options for playback controls, changing audio sources, changing audio output modes, etc.

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It's a nice patent and could make things easier, but it's not being implemented any time soon. It is also not confirmed that Apple will enforce the patent.

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